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    3 Juvenile Redfoot Tortoises in SW Florida

    Bump. These guys are still available. Message me if you are interested.
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    3 Juvenile Redfoot Tortoises in SW Florida

    Thank you. I appreciate the warning. Definitely looking for someone that is either an established member or known by an established member on here.
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    3 Juvenile Redfoot Tortoises in SW Florida

    I have three juvenile Redfoot Tortoises I need to rehome. They are approximately 18-20 months old. Have been raised according to the instructions here (closed chamber, diet etc.). I will not ship. Looking for someone with experience of redfoots in South or Southwest Florida to take them. They...
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    DIY Indoor Redfoot Closed Enclosure

    After studying the advice on here, we built an indoor closed enclosure for our 3 Redfoot hatchlings. We live in Florida, so they will only be in here for a year or 2 at the most. (We've already started planting their outdoor enclosure so the plants have time to mature). It is 5'6" by 2'6". It...
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    What species of tortoise do you have? Not all tortoise species brumate (hibernate).
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    I finally found mulberry trees!

    That is an awesome deal! Well done. I just got a very tall mulberry from Home Depot for $60. Not exactly sure how tall, but way over 8'. Fingers crossed I don't kill it!
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    Plants in indoor enclosure

    I second using herbs. I have thyme and they love to sit under it, but don't eat it. Although the plants in my enclosure only survive for about a month until they die. But that's because I'm doing something wrong, not the torts!
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    Redfoot Hatchling Not Gaining Weight

    Monty is doing much better today. Cruising around, eating. The carrot soaks seemed to have done the trick! Going to wait a few days and then weigh them all again. The new hide arrives today, so I'm sure that will help too. I definitely think there is some territorial stress. They are in a...
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    Redfoot Hatchling Not Gaining Weight

    Thanks @Toddrickfl1 and @ZEROPILOT. I've found an exotic vet near me and I'm waiting for them to call me back so I can find out more about their tortoise experience. I think you could be onto something with the aggression. Yesterday I noticed Monty (the sickly one) head on with Phineas (the...
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    Redfoot Hatchling Not Gaining Weight

    After I posted Chell seemed more lively and ate quite a bit, so I'm not as worried about her now. But Monty had 2 bites of papaya and that was it. I gave him a carrot soak for 25 minutes and then put him in his food bowl. He had a few more bites of papaya then but then went into his hide...
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    Redfoot Hatchling Not Gaining Weight

    I have 3 Redfoot Hatchlings that I got about 4-6 weeks ago. #1 Hatchling (Phineas - 73g) is the largest and gaining weight and doing well. Eating well etc. #2 Hatchling (Chell - 51g) is the smallest and only gaining about 1g per week. She eats only small amounts. I haven't seen her poop for a...
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    Boy or girl?

    I'm very new to tortoises, so maybe one of the experts can correct me. But wouldn't you want to keep them separate for a few months for a quarantine period anyway? Especially as you know nothing about the new ones background.
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    New tortie mom, and new to this forum.

    Aww. What a cute little face. Sad story. Looks like she has some pyramiding going on, so I guess the old owners kept her far too dry. So glad you were able to rescue her.
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    Redfoot Tortoise

    I just saw in your other post that your boyfriend's tortoise passed away. I'm so sorry. It looked like he was very sick when you got him. Well done for doing research and asking questions about a redfoot before you get one. I'm new to tortoises but I've been doing a LOT of research too. You...
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    Coco coir

    Orchid growing is very popular in India (my favorite Orchid YouTuber is in India), so I would think they would sell orchid bark. Is there a garden or plant store near you? You could ask them if they have orchid bark. It could be called something different there.