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    HELLLPPP!! Torts covered in ticks

    When i find ticks embedded in myself, i usually rub a bit of soap on them first. A thick liquid like Dr Bronners or dish soap works well. It takes a while to kill them, but then usually they come off easily, often just rub off. Many ticks i get are too tiny to get a grip on, often in hard to...
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    why do turtles park themselves in the road?

    Doubt there's any food in the road. I never see them eating. Usually they just sit there. Saw an adult a while ago walking across my property.
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    why do turtles park themselves in the road?

    Maybe it's simply that turtles have to be SOMEWHERE, and that actually there is a comparable concentration OFF the road that we don't see? Still does not explain why they expose themselves unnecessarily to predators though. Stupidity? Anyway, this is the time of year i start seeing them. In the...
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    big old RES(?) in middle of road

    Whew, glad i didn't make soup stock out of it, then. Seriously, i wouldn't do that even to an RES.
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    big old RES(?) in middle of road

    I've been here 25 years almost and the only turtles i've seen are boxies and snappers. But today i cam across this old slider parked in the road. Is it an RES? I left it in a little pool of water on the side of the road it was facing. Note damage to back of shell. It was apparently hit many...
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    mysterious demise of a snapping turtle

    I gave him a respectful burial. Yes, my minnows have multiplied quite a bit. Some little ones can always be seen near the shore.
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    mysterious demise of a snapping turtle

    In 2017 i had a pond made, about 2/3 acre. It has very little vegetation yet, in fact only a few stems sticking out this early in the year. It does have minnows i got started last year. I didn't expect it to support turtles yet. This morning i noticed this critter floating by the shore. No rigor...
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    How hot is too hot (sidewalk temp)?

    I swear i once saw an adult 3 toed boxie diagonally crossing an asphalt road when it was 95 out and full sun. No telling how hot that road was.
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    Hey, Loohan - Happy Birthday!!!

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    Opium Poppy

    I have read that all parts of the plant contain opium. It is something to be wary of in a yard previously owned by others. I once rented a room in a house that had such plants growing out back. But this stuff looks almost like kale or something.
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    Evil people put Turtles in suitcase

    Red eared sliders?!! Worth smuggling?
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    Should I let my box turtle hibernate??

    Hmmm. Well, my larger one SNOOZES most of the time when he's like this.
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    Should I let my box turtle hibernate??

    I wonder... Is a box turtle behaving like that necessarily "wanting to brumate"? Might it not derive some benefit similar to those associated with brumation merely by slowing down and fasting? And meditating deeply on matters of cosmic importance? Without the risks of brumation? Would it not...
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    Pleaseee help Torty!!!! (cracked beak)

    Make sure the food is too small for him to choke on.