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    summer 2022

    we been 90-100 for the last week or two ..... finally rained this guy apparently was looking to get out the rain
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    Are my tortoises healthy ?

    i agree with keeping him outside , with all the precautions mentioned .......properly set up safe outside enclosure is always better ........ i would be careful keeping him in a closed chamber in your climate , to hot for extended periods of time will kill them ............. i believe those...
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    Russian Tortoise is sick

    it's summer ,you should set him up outside if possible , it's easy , not expensive , when done right , there are a lot less mistakes to be made ......... i keep stuff that hibernates , if i bring them in from outside in the winter , they don't "try to hibernate" ........
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    Anything I can do to make my tortoise happier?

    the enclosure walls/fence needs sunk in the ground a few inches ....... a larger enclosue with plant cover and a shrub/shrubs near the center will keep them from digging at the out walls ....... they'll dig in at the roots of shrubs ......
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    upper respiratory tract infection and what tests to determine.

    this is the world wide internet ,i don't believe you can find 5 people who have legitimately had a tortoise die from a baytril injection ? if you can find anyone who has legitimately had a tortoise die from baytril it will be from anaphylaxis and have nothing to do with baytril other than an...
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    put an addition on my house a few years ago ,paid $8 for 7/16 OSB , paid $13-$14 a sheet for 15/32 plywood ....... i needed to repair my garage from critter damage ,i was gonna just tear off all the osb and plywood and just put new up ...... went to home depot , 7/16 OSB was $29 and 15/32...
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    Anything I can do to make my tortoise happier?

    make a pen that gives him access to the ground ....... they use the ground as one tool to thermoregulate .........
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    Can tortoises hear?

    i don't know who that is either , but reading the little bit i read ,i'm doubtful this is his expertise . quote Jim Lindsay "As humans the part of our ear that let’s us process sound waves is called the pinna, however tortoises don’t have this part of the ear and therefore rely on vibrations...
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    Can tortoises hear?

    anyone i have ever seen actually publish a study on this question said yes , tirtles and tortoises hear ...... they ears are as complex as humans , minus an outer ear ...... as far as ground vibration , i'd be interested in reading those articles ?
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    3 Toed Box Turtle

    while i keep terrapene carolina carolina as opposed to terrapene carolina triunguis ..... mine live outside , if they eat weeds i never see it .... worms and bugs , i feed them dog food(bil-jac frozen) , hikari cichlid gold large pellets(soaked) , minnows , sardines , strawberries , blueberries...
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    we get november weather in may regularly , they still somehow know it's may not november ......... his substrate looks pretty dry ? yes i would take him out and soak him everyday and offer him food , i'd imagine you got lots of fresh weeds growing in your area you could offer ........ substrate...
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    nothing should be trying to hibernate at this time of year ..... or estivate at this time of year ...... springtime should be rain (water humidity) sun and green (weeds,flowers) ....... i would get that enclosure wet , humid , bright , and green ...... outside would be the best ...
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    Question: Minimum Outdoor Temps for Adult CB Box Turtles {Eastern Gulf Three-Toed and Florida}

    as for eastern box turtles ,in the northern part of their range it's not 65 or above at night most of the year ......... they are native to where i live , it's been like 50 most every night so far this month (june), one morning last week it was 49 ....seems to me 5B plant zone is their climate...
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    summer 2022

    the outside diy filter is filled with layers of matala filter mat , the gray and blue i believe , and home depot volcanic rock ....... i'm sure i threw whatever i had in the way of ceramic media , bio-balls , bags of zeolite , probably some bags of activated carbon ...... the carbon and zeolite...
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    summer 2022

    our summer doesn't start until june 21 , but it's summer , wednesday they say we may get 100 F ........... this guy barely survived a dog . i actually thought he wouldn't , thought it may affect his hibernation , he can't really close his shell anymore , first winter after his injuries he did...