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    Eyes not open for two weeks

    i personally doubt you'll turn that tortoise around without help ..... even with help i'd say he has a good chance of not doing well ....... if it were mine , the vet is without a question ........ i'd want sub q fluids , a round of antibiotics , and a b complex injection , i keep turtles ...
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    ID that Turtle ( Challenge No.3)

    pastel tortie should get partial credit , when she said three striped box turtle , i just thought about the more aquatic cuora with the flatter shells ........
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    ID that Turtle ( Challenge No.3)

    yunnan box turtle ?
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    Antibiotics if they might not be sick?

    i'm actually a just in case antibiotic user , but i'm a pretty good guesser as to when they're actually sick ...... i bring a turtle in , my vet knows there is something wrong with it ..... when all these turtles and tortoises were wild caught imports , it was standard procedure to run them...
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    ID this Turtle (Challenge 1 )

    cuora x mauremys or cuora x ocadia
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    Do tortoises mourn their owners death?

    my opinion is , when people mourn a loss , it's not about feeling sorry for the departed , it's feeling sorry for those left behind , feeling sorry for yourself ....... wild things don't feel sorry for themselves .......
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    RIP Sabine Lebenseig (Bee62)

    what a horrible thing to hear , such a nice lady ...... hopefully her animals and all she loved is cared for , i'd bet that's all that would matter to her ..... she took such good care of her animals ........... RIP and God bless Bee ......
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    Advice please.

    there are better sources on this forum for redfoots than me , but i did keep them for probably 10 yrs , 30yrs ago ..... i kept them and fed them like i did my box turtles ....been my experience they don't eat like i see folks feeding leopard tortoises or sulcatas , or russians ....... they eat...
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    Got warm today

    feels like 125 ? does 123 feel any better ?
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    help with new RES turtle - red chard, cooking leaves, and rock wool

    i believe the rock wool is not toxic at all , i think it's just spun rock and mineral oil .......... i do believe like ceramic wool it is an irritant ......
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    Baby eastern box turtle eyes shut closed sometimes.

    the box and wood turtles is probably 2" of moss , the water doesn't reach the top of the moss , probably about 1/2"-3/4" of standing water , anywhere there's a hole you'll see standing water ....... for the box turtles and wood turtles i do let the standing water dry up before i add water...
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    Best way to lower PH?

    i've used peat moss , driftwood , leaves , and sphagnum moss ...... the peat moss i've used in the filter , the leaves and wood directly in the tank , sphagnum moss both filter and tank ...........all that stuff works , but i found it to be a never ending battle ........
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    Baby eastern box turtle eyes shut closed sometimes.

    i agree with both responses , they do best when kept wet ....... personally i've always been a fan of sphagnum moss ...... i've raised quit a few different types of hatchling turtles in it ....... it's easily cleaned , you clean it like you would a sponge , and replace whatever breaks down(you...
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    Early hibernation

    if your weather has been hot and dry , try soaking down his enclosure with the hose a couple times a day ....... see if artificial rain will bring him out ..... rain is something that naturally brings them out of estivation .....
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    Early hibernation

    not hibernating , there are no cues to bring about a turtle or tortoise to hibernate right now in the northern hemisphere ........ if it is extremely hot and dry they do estivate , it would take some extreme conditions to keep them down for a prolonged period ...... the fact you recognize...