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    Sacramento, CA Reptile Show

    Come out to the show if you’re in the Sacramento area. Meet me, Will- Kapidolo farms, and Nor Cal Tortoise Guy
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    When is a baby no longer a baby?

    I will disagree with @zovick on this one. Sulcatas should be at 80°+ at all times. In their native environment they never would cool down lower than that. They live in deep burrows. In the coldest time of the year there, the daytime highs average 95° and the overnight lows average 72.5°...
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    Humidity vs Bacteria/Fungus

    Have you had those bumps cultured? Doesn't quite look like just a skin fungus to me. Could well be, but also could be a bacterial infection.
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    Thought I would share again. Gender.

    unless you have extremely small hands, that tortoise is no way 4" More like 7". The anal scutes are growing into that characteristic "U" Shape. Redfoot males have their anal scutes straighten-flare out and actually thicken to create a ridge used to lift the females shell when copulating...
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    Lighting Help

    Most everyone who has really tested Mercury Vapor Bulbs with the right equipment have all seemed to have come the same consensus that they are extremely unreliable in intensity of UVB and useful life of the bulb. In an alarmingly large number of cases they simply can put out dangerous levels of...
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    Spotted turtle sexing

    Because husbandry can dramatically change growth rates, I find size is much more the consideration than age. Normally by 3-1/2" the dark face of the male starts to become obvious, and the tail will be getting visibly larger. I think in most cases that should be their 3rd year given good husbandry.
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    Humidity vs Bacteria/Fungus

    Humidity alone and a closed chamber are not the issue. Your vet is repeating some of the very common, old ideas about raising tortoises. High humidity and heat are also good for bacteria and fungus, so the issue is the types of substrate used, and how wet it is allowed to get. Something is...
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    Reeves turtle has been excessively shedding for 2 months

    Your turtle is growing and that will encourage shedding. However, it does look excessive. First, I would say a 40 gal tank is too small for a 4" turtle. A lot of the semi-aquatic turtles seem more prone to skin fungus when kept in water where there is not a land area as well. It will help to...
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    Tracking Environmental Conditions While Away From Home... and a system failure.

    What brand CHE, Jamie? I have had, and hear of many, off-brand, "Made in China" that do fail, But never a UL listed "American/ European" brand. There's really nothing to burn out or fail in a CHE made properly. I've had some running for over 20 years.
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    What breed of tortoise is this ?

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    is this shell rot? w pics pls help

    I've never seen shell rot on a star, but that just may be. It hard to tell with the pictures, when I try to zoom in it is out of focus. Whatever it is, it is not right and definitely not growth lines. Something is wrong. Can we get more pictures of all sides and of the head and limbs? Is...
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    That is not the light you want at all. Return it and follow the advice given above by @ZEROPILOT = I would get the Arcadia Pro T5 6% kit and the a Ceramic Heat emmiter on a thermostat for ambient heat. Then get a plain 50 - 75 watt BR30 or A19 style bulb for basking ( those are regular Flood...
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    please help I dont know what tortoise I have

    That is a Central American Wood turtle. Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima manni. The shell is beat up and worn but I see nothing that looks like active shell rot. May have had it in the past and left the pitted look. It is a mostly terrestrial turtle. Set it up in a habitat that is about 1/4 water...
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    Hi! Meet Scooter!

    Could be Sri Lankan. There is really no way to tell, though unless you accurately know the lineage of the parents. sri Lankans are not a species or even sub-species of Indian Stars. Genetically they are a population variation of Indian Stars. Yours has the look of what folks claim are Sri...
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    Hi! Meet Scooter!

    Yes, as @Tom suspected, Scooter is indeed a female. Indian Stars do like heat and 100° is not too hot to be dangerous for them at all. I would not let it get much hotter in an enclosure though. A minimum of 80° at all times and temps into the 90°s during the day is no problem and actually...