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    It is hot in Michigan!

    Roland the yellowfoot loves this weather, Grandma the box turtle isn't so sure.
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    Free South African Leopard Baby

    Conversation started, I'm not sure if that is the correct way to do it.
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    Free South African Leopard Baby

    How does overnight shipping work? (to Michigan)? I am equipped to take in a special needs tort.
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    looking for box turtle owners/lovers in or near Ohio

    I was wondering this too.
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    Bearded Dragon Help

    The wound will heal with good nutrition, UVB, and correct temps. It sounds like you're doing it right! Just remember healing is slower in reptiles.
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    Bearded Dragon Help

    I swore I would never bring roaches into my house, but once you do it, it's actually no big deal. They are quiet, don't stink, don't jump, and are super easy to care for (it requires almost nothing if you're not breeding them). I use long tongs to pick them up and drop them into my beardie's...
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    Broken Leg - Experiences/Treatments?

    That's fantastic! It takes a while, but reptiles have an amazing ability to heal, don't they?
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    Panacur is a wide spectrum dewormer, meaning it kills several different kinds of worms, as well as protozoa like Giardia. Strongid kills things in the strongyle family, which are roundworms and pinworms (and in large animals like horses strongyles). So between the two, it should work if you...
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    The overload of pinworms could be running him down, which could be causing mild upper respiratory symptoms. The pinworms don't go to the lungs, so it's more likely that his body is just trying to fight them, which can cause problems elsewhere. Be sure your temps are high enough, this will help...
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    It's common for tortoises to carry worms, some are even beneficial to them. When there are times of stress or illness, the worms can really multiply and they can have too big of a load to handle. So thats probably what happened (stress from moving). Follow your vet's advice and please don't let...
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    Resident Evil Fans?

    I still love Resident Evil Zero the best. Probably the only one.
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    Freaking out!! nurse gave shot different

    It's fine there.
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    Whither the yellow foot?

    I love my yellowfoot. Hes got a ton of personality. I think it must be the color. Redfoots and cherryheads are so pretty, yellows just look dull and boring in comparison. Of course i disagree .
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    Orchard bark/cypress mulch

    Does anyone ever have an insect problem when using orchid bark? One of the reasons i use eco earth is i freeze and then bake the bricks, and i haven't had any bugs. I've read about people getting things from gardening centers that had cockroaches and other icky things, so now I'm paranoid...
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    Broken Leg - Experiences/Treatments?

    Oh, poor Mango! I just made a splint for an iguana, but I don't know how you would do a tortoise. Maybe treat it like people sometimes do cats- cage rest and let it heal. Eventually a callous will build up. Extra calcium during healing, perhaps calcium glucionate orally every day. Ugh, good...