Mel from hell

Cheers:) I’m mel from hell and I just moved ( don’t ask...) and left beautiful, WA state to come to what the set of Deliverance, must’ve looked like! Argghh
Don’t like it.
Anyhoo, I’m almost 60, born in the Everglades, then into Alaska. I’ve lived in a million places, but this? Is the worst.
I got my first turtle, in 1968. I have a Russian tortoise, Ruby. She’s 2.5 years. I don’t do hardly, ANYthing like y’all do. I look at tortoises as the reptiles they are and don’t overthink, a million times. She’s great, seemingly content and eats less than my Llamas.
I love to debate, whine and read. I have never killed, any reptile I’ve had
I use plain, old instinct, lightbulbs and weeds. <<<if All, sorts! Hheeee heee
I’m also, an ex, exotic n emergency Vet Tech n a graduate farrier.
I have a farm n many pets. I love, to help others n use, actual practical advice n solutions. I don’t drone on, about lighting n substrate. Go dig up some dirt. Don’t use shavings n soak like hell in warmer than warm, water.
Location (City and/or State)
Adams Center. Ny
Retired research scientist. Teratologist.


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