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    "Tree" Collards

    That's it!
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    "Tree" Collards

    Is anyone familiar with "Tree Collards" or have grown them? I want to start growing them but apparently they don't grow well from seed and they recommend starting with cuttings.
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    Trading Goodies?

    Does anyone have tree collard cuttings?
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    Big brown...

    They climb incredibly well.
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    Indoor substrate for MEE

    I like a cypress/peat moss combination.
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    Got A Group of Red Ackies

    They are awesome! Varanus are so cool.
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    2018 TTPG Conference

    Wish I could make it again but it's unlikely.
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    Color progression

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    Impressa Project

    This is amazing. I will be following closely for more updates.
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    D3 diet supplement paper posted here

    Very interesting. More food for thought...
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    A bravecto pill every 2 months will knock out demodex. We use it with great success on dogs at our clinic.
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    Live naked people

    Thank you! My legs nearly gave out I was so nervous though, haha!
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    Daytona 2018

    Nice meeting you there!
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    I'm there!