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    DIY Enclosure for land turtle

    Very nice. I have a few pothos plants I'm currently growing in soil but can flourish in water. I will look to add them to his new enclosure in water. Thanks, Mark!!
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    This box turtles behavior is incredible

    Panda's brother that I rehomed had a personality like this, his new owner uses him for child reptile education because he's very social and animated. And like Otis, he doesn't play well with other turtles.
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    This box turtles behavior is incredible

    We need a moderator to upload this on the anthropomorphize thread.....just saying ;)
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    DIY Enclosure for land turtle

    Awww, Mark1 you created a turtle paradise!! It looks amazing and your turtles are quite robust. How big are they and what species? To me they look like CAWs? Do they all get along and do you worry about them flipping trying to climb the rocks? My turtle loves to climb and do kamikaze dives from...
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    DIY Enclosure for land turtle

    Nice! Reason #452 why I love up north and the midwest-basements. Very rare in the south. I'd love to see some pics, please. We decided to build with PVC. My friend wasnt too excited about 2-story due to heating and Panda's continued growth and flipping concerns, but its not completely off the...
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    DIY Enclosure for land turtle

    Hi Everyone, I'm in the planning stages of upgrading Panda's enclosure. He's currently in a 4ft x 2ft galvanized stock tank and based on his growth rate I'd like to upgrade him later this year/early 2022. He's out of the burrow all day-where am I?!-who are you?!-am I safe? stage, to exploring...
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    Three things we humans love but maybe don't think of providing to our pet tortoises!

    AWWWW, this is so precious, I Love It! He probably rests his head on the "pillows" because it has your scent and he knows its safe, plus it came from the hands that feed him! Very thoughtful, you have a good heart Sir.
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    Do people think you’re weird for owning tortoise/turtles

    Ha! Yeah, he was one of those blanket statement people. And he had recently rescued a wild baby box turtle, that he did eventually put back after a worker at the pet shop told him it was cruel to take animals from the wild and to go buy a turtle if he wanted one so bad!
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    Advice on Leaving Tortoise at Home

    Ya'll are brave. Not a chance I would leave my turtle. Last resort I would board him at the vet. I'm actually planning to take him on vacation with me next year (if he's still alive) and my out of town friends know he comes with me on any visits.
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    Anthropomorphizing or 'humanizing' tortoises and turtles

    You could be wrong, you could be right. What it sounds like to me is the rationalization of a soulless person lacking in spirituality, imagination and the belief that anything is possible. Try not to miss out on the heart, soul and spirit of life. We are all energy and we are all connected. You...
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    Do people think you’re weird for owning tortoise/turtles

    While researching the type of turtle I wanted I did have a fleeting thought that it was a pet for children not adults. Recently a guy told me he knew I was single because I have a turtle. Do people think I'm weird? Yes. Do I care? No. Nowadays people think I'm strange for not having social...
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    What did I find in my backyard?

    We found one pounding the pavement near my job recently, little guy had no fear he was loving on everyone, super friendly and docile.
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    General Anxiety about my new tortoise

    Anxiety means you care. I fully expect to wake up every day to a dead turtle or find him on the verge of pushing up daisies from an illness. There is great knowledge and advice here, create a good environment and do your best. Congrats and may the odds be ever in your favor :)
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    My shelled family got bigger much bigger

    The irony of life is that your V turtles living in what equates to an animal hostel may very well live longer than V turtles who free range on an acre of land with a pond. One can only hope that logic will prevail and doing what is needed (the highest and best) out ranks base level thinking...
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    Pic of road sign in GA

    Ha! She's totally giving you the side-eye lol, love it! Great spot you picked, she blends in perfectly