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    We already remove that rat from our house and we doing same for food like u said we also use luke warm water for them and sure I will take them to specialist ?
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    My two baby tortois
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    Baby tortois who lost his front legs
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    His recovery is going well He also eats well
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    Yes we are keeping them outside everyday and we feed them cucumber coriander and other some vegetables everyday and I will upload pictures soon?
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    And also today the little ones who lost his legs was started eating so I think they are good recovering ?
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    Yes I am already soak them in water for 4 time a day I don't think that I would separate them because that will cause more fear for each one and they are sleeping with eachother so I don't wanna separate them and I'm from India so we always get good sunlight so I don't think I need uv light
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    We daily soak them in warm water 4 time a day for 5 minutes and clean their wounds with warm water after we applied that cream
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    We didn't see a rat attacking them but we know that a rat lives in our house we see that rat so we thought that the rat attacked them we think that the rat was came at night after 1 pm and attack them we saw the tortoise at night at 3 pm and they were both living with eachother since 6 months...
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    We put them in sunlight time to time and give them their food time to time and also we always with them also we were also near them at night
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    It's worked but I don't have that previous basket right now but I will upload the photo tomorrow and I also added photo of the cream that doctor gave us
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    Baby tortois
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