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    I agree. I removed the pot when I realized that was space Prince could use. I remove his food dish after he finish his food. He use that space for basking along with his rock. The poses are adorable. We're in north tx I want to have a raised bed for him because of insect and animal issues.. I...
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    More pics
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    Prince's mom

    First timer..He is 5 years old.. Spoiled rotten...loving life in tx
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    African Hibiscus

    Would love some seeds
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    Help! Trying not to freak out!

    Just throw it away and use the pet store kind..wash the tank ...less hassle no bugs
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    Testudo Tortoise Rescued. Need ID help

    Im in tx but i would love to have it...
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    Emo Tortoise?

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    I would love a cutting do you mail to texas

    I would love a cutting do you mail to texas
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    Building My First Tortoise Table

    Research and have fun building