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    The weather is nice! Let’s all go for a walk! Only Cats didn’t join us...
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    Valentine’s Day for Miriam, Sulcata Tortoise (I don’t think she ever had her our Valentine’s Day... but she liked it very much).
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    Exercising is good for everyone!
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    After soak, I go for a walk!
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    Let’s to explore our options....
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    Holy Cow, food, food and more food! And how to stay in shape for a young girl like me? Of course I will be round!
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    Just Precious!
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    HELP!!! (dead?)

    I think it is very stressful for Tortoise or even any other reps to be picked up, moved by hands, suddenly grabbed... When I want to soak my Tortoise or take her outside for a walk/exercise, I talk to her, calling her by her name, with gentle voice, I sing for her... She looks at me, we...
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    Pyramiding Problems

    Thanks for your response! I am sorry, I was in a hurry to write my question and made a mistake : the small pyramids are on her carapace... I know this happens from bad/low fiber diet, lack of calcium, Vit D, UV (sunlight), exercise... I am trying to learn more about this problem (MBD)and to help...
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    Pyramiding Problems

    Thank you so much for your reply! Unfortunately when you get rescued Tortoises that already have some health issues, it is hard to fix them permanently, but I will do my best to Keep Miriam healthy! Can you tell us more about your Tortoise and how you got Mary?
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    Almost impossible to purchase a freaking tortoise!!!

    Try Rescue sites...
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    Please help me (eyes closed, not eating)

    She doesn’t eat dry grass or Timothy hay, she likes fresh greens, I give her variety of green leaves and she is choosing what she wants. She likes red leaf lettuce, collards, cucumber, mulberry leaves, vegetable blooms from our garden, cactus, that I clean for her, squash, dark leaf grass form...
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    Pyramiding Problems

    I’ve got young Sulcata Tortoise from previous owner in poor condition (dirty, covered with poop, even poop in her mouth, which is disgusting to me...). She already had pyramids on the top of her plastron! I keep her clean, she eats good (always fresh greens, sprinkled with calcium), she has all...
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    Bon Appetite, Miriam!