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  1. Torq sharing

    Torq sharing

    Breakfast in mendo
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    Sage tort
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    New Enclosure/Keeper Syndrome

    I have no clue if this helps but it did me. When I relocated king to our property he did all this what I did was I took water from original house and used it for his water do the water was the same he was used to. I then went and got his poop and other things put everywere. It seemed to help...
  4. Torq


    Torq eating clover and grass clippings
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    Maggie's Sulcatas

    Hi Maggie
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    Comment by 'Robertchrisroph' in media 'Huge cuddlebone'

    @Kevn Horton a cuttlebone is for calcium for the tort. It's wonderful if they eat by themselves but if not your scrap it on there food very important for there bones. Can get sick if they don't get their calcium
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    Comment by 'Robertchrisroph' in media 'King'

    @Kevn Horton mazuri is tortoise food. Comes in one pound to twenty five pound bags. Sold in our agricultural store. They use in zoos.
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    Comment by 'Robertchrisroph' in media 'King'

    @Kevn Horton that would be Mazuri I know it looks like dog food lol. I use both kinds of Muzuri the white thing is his cuddlebone. Thank you
  9. King


    King is growing and growing lol
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    Plastic flaps for enclosure entry

    Ebay. There is a guy or gale that sells it for a dollar a foot with six dollars shipping. I've ordered four times from them. No problems
  11. King is not a rock Lily.

    King is not a rock Lily.

    King gets no respect.
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    Stuck in burrow

    My heater quit one night and it got down to eighteen degrees in torqs hut. He was the same temp. I used a temp gun. I heated him up and he was perfectly fine afterwards, please don't give up, these sulcata are pretty Peter built. Tough things. I'm hoping for all the best
  13. Never stops digging

    Never stops digging

    My little digging machine