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    Do Tortoises like having the back of their shell lightly scratched?

    My Russian does not care for it at all. Scratching on the back of her shell is how I get her out of her burrow when needed. She turns around and comes out swinging. She’ll tolerate the occasional head scratch but I don’t push it.
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    My Russian Chases My Cat...

    George isn’t playing with your cat; he sees him as competition for food or space and is attempting to bully him away. Tortoises don’t have friends; in the wild meeting Russians meeting up is rare, when they do they either mate or fight, that’s it. Russians in particular are the worst at bullying...
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    Hahaha, as usual, tortoises do whatever they want!

    I posted a bit ago that I was looking forward to bring my tortoise out of hibernation but was also thinking some barriers my husband had built around our plants weren’t going to cut it. She came out super fast this...
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    Types of flowers and how?

    I won’t answer your questions about starting plants indoors or buying soil because I don’t grow indoors. Outside, if your grandmother hasn’t sprayed anything for a year, it’s fine. I will say that the Tortoise Table is built for people living in the UK, not North America; what’s recommended...
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    What's in that leaf, grocery and garden, published nutrient list.

    I offer it a couple of times a year but my Russian couldn’t be less interested. It has no particular taste to me either but apparently it is good in soup.
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    Planning ahead- is this safe?

    Welcome! It is a plant in the family Lamiaceae, which includes a bunch of herbs—sage, mint, oregano, thyme, lavender and more. Herbs aren’t bad for a tortoise but the strong smell and taste means they won’t typically eat them. Deadnettles are in this family too, and that is one of the better...
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    Horsefield Food/Diet

    That’s a good list up there but I don’t know how many grow where you are. This woman has a list of plants that may be more available to you, although her website is a little wacky: And finally! Shelled warriors in the UK sells seeds that...
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    Sounds hopeful! I would put all of those in the sunniest place you have. Evening primrose won’t be happy inside, I don’t think, but you can try. Good luck!
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    Can my tortoise eat this?

    I personally don’t think it’s bittercress, at least not yet.. It might be; in a couple more weeks we could say for sure; the brassicas (that’s the plant family cress is in) start out with roundish leaves that grow into arrow shapes. Can you wait that long to give us another shot? Whatever it...
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    If you bought live plants you need to ensure they haven’t been treated with pesticides (things to help it grow are fine, just not things that will kill insects). Can you tell us what you have and where it came from? Sorry this is so confusing at first but it gets easier.
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    Can you get us a picture of that bottom plant growing on its stems? I agree you’ve got a dandelion or close relative there and I’m willing to recommend it as some kind of wild berry (bramble) or rose but I’d feel better if I saw a picture of the whole plant. You’ve got a lot of Americans here...
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    Food Toppers

    Arizona Tortoise Compound is fairly well known and sells a mix: The herbal hay mix from Taylor’s Tortoise Supply is recommended here quite often: And our very well known vendor...
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    Is this plantain?

    It’s horseweed. It’s grows to hideous proportions and is invasive so pull it when you can! Your tortoise might take a bite or two before deciding it’s yucky, it won’t hurt him.
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    poisonous flowers and plants to be avoided in garden.

    In California we don’t need to pot Jimson weed (another name for datura); it appears when we aren’t looking! It does have a sort of beauty but it was pointed out to me as dangerous when I was very young and I never see it without a bit of a red flag going off.
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    Can I feed stinging nettles

    Stinging nettles are fine to feed. My Russian won’t eat them so far but that’s okay. You can eat them like any other greens; the prickles lose their sting after a minute in boiling water. You can add them to a pizza or make soup. They taste like spring time. :) Not to interfere with Will’s...