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  1. Fred's House

    Fred's House

  2. Time to Eat

    Time to Eat

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  5. Tunnel Time

    Tunnel Time

  6. Tunnel Climb

    Tunnel Climb

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  8. Fred's House

    Fred's House

    2.5 feet x 6 feet
  9. Ruth Ann

    Tortoise Table

    Thanks! It's six feet long and 30 inches wide. He seems to like it!
  10. Ruth Ann

    Russian Tortoise lethargic and not eating

    Thank you! He feels so much better! I was very worried about him, but he's doing MUCH better now. I followed the advice I received here by adding more light, more heat, and a little moisture for his substrate. He's feeling much better now.
  11. Ruth Ann

    Russian Tortoise lethargic and not eating

    Thank you everyone for your advice! We made a few changes based on your advice, and it helped a lot. He's active, alert, curious, friendly, and eating like a pig. Thank you so much.
  12. Ruth Ann

    Tortoise Table

    We had to cluster a heat lamp, and two light bulbs at one end in order to create a warm area for him. I'm thinking of hanging one more over the center of the box to create a warm, but slightly less warm area. The rocky end is the coolest. We turn everything off at night. Room temp doesn't go...
  13. Ruth Ann

    Tortoise Table

    Haven't been able to download pictures into an album, so I'm going to try posting them here. We found a Russian Tortoise several months ago. We were unable to locate his family, so we have been reading as much as we could for ideas about habitats and daily care. This is what we built (and by...
  14. Fred's New Home

    Fred's New Home

    Russian Tortoise Table
  15. Ruth Ann

    Russian Tortoise lethargic and not eating

    Thanks. If we decide to do that, how cool/what temp, and do we fluctuate the temp from day to night, or keep it steady? FYI - We're in California so it rarely gets very cold where we're at.