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    Russian Tortoise new spot

    Hello everyone! Spring time is finally around and my 10 year old Russian tortoise has a new, dark colored, spot on her forehead. I havent noticed them before, but wasn't sure if it was just new growth. On the other hand, I have read about possible fungal infections. Yet have no idea on...
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    Lower beak

    Hello everyone, I recently noticed that my RT lower beak is quite long, to the point that I have noticed it will sometimes catch when she eats and causes a clicking sound. I recently had her upper beak trimmed thinking this was the issue, am now thinking it was not the full problem. Any advice...
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    Calcium deficiency

    Through the winter she is fed a spring mix. It has lettuce, kale, spinach, arugula chard, mizuna, pak Choi, and tatsoi. Through the summer we will get dandelion greens, grow our own kale, and occasionally the spring mix. We will also bring her outside to roam and feed on weeds, yet monitor her...
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    Calcium deficiency

    Hello everyone! If youd like to skip the backstory you can just skim to the bottom of the paragraph. I have a Russian Tortoise who goes by the name of turtle the tortoise (we refer to her as turtle) who we have had for 9 years. It was initially my older brothers, but as time moved on so did...