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    Aldabra hatchling for female adult Egyptian

    I’m looking for an Adult female Egyptian tortoise, breeding age. In trade for an Aldabra hatchling. Aldabra is 100% USA captive bred. These guys are really hard to find at this size. A lot of the breeders export, or import. And usually the ones offered are around 6-7”. These are around 3”. If...
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    Mulberry tree - want

    I’m looking for some mulberry trees. Seems like every nursery in America is sold out of them. Can anyone recommend where to buy?
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    Tortstork - How do we ship tortoise Eggs???

    I have put all my secrets in this simple to follow care guide. Ship a Tortoise Egg
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    New tortoise care guides

    If anyone is interested, i have updated some of my care guides. I’m aware that there are multiple, successful ways to raise a baby tortoise. The guides i have created are based of my personal experience over the years. Tortstork tortoise care guides
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    Tortstork - How we raise Indian star babies

    I get a lot of questions about how i raise my Indian stars from day one. I’ll explain in bullet form. If anyone wants to reach out to me, please do so at [email protected] -place on damp paper towel donut at first sight of pip -I remove them from the incubator after a few milestones. 1...
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    Hatch A Tortoise Instahatch Leopard Tortoise Egg

    Yes, you read that correctly! Here at Tortstork, we have had a lot of success with the Hatch Your Own Tortoise program. We have close to 400 eggs shipped with 94% success rate. Check out the data here Starting in late November we are...
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    1.3 Spotted legged wood turtles (Rhinoclemmys punctularia)

    $1800 shipped gorgeous bright yellow skin, and incredible highlighter orange strips on their heads. Captive bred 2019 eating everything known to wood turtles, pellets, live worms, and lots of greens and fruits. raised wet as hatchlings, now converted to land with large water area...
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    Sri Lankan Star Tortoises

    $705 shipped I only have a few left. captive bred raised in closed chamber eating it all soaked daily [email protected] or text 215.840.5240
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    Florida Box turtles

    These liquid gold nuggets are absolutely gorgeous in every way. captive bred 2020 eating mazuri aquatic pellets, dried worms, live super worms, earth worms, and dubai roaches. florida-box-turtle-hatchlings [email protected] or text 215.840.5240
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    Chinese box turtles (cuora flavomarginata)

    $355 shipped Captive bred eating manure aquatic pellets, dried worms, live super worms, dubai roaches, and earth worms. no tail nips [email protected] or text 215.840.5240
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    Eastern Hermann's hatchlings

    Ready for their forever homes captive bred (September 2020) eating all greens soaked daily gorgeous patterns PICK THE EXACT ONE YOU WANT! [email protected] or text 215.840.5240
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    Yes I’m based out of Delaware.
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    Deformed tortoise gets a wheelchair

    Eats and drinks and poops and pees.
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    Deformed tortoise gets a wheelchair

    This is a Marje needed Tortoise that was born with a congenital deformity. It’s bottom of the shell is twisted upside down. It’s front half was perfectly normal there was no deformity in its face or front legs. He was able to properly eat and it could scoot itself around using its front legs...
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    $500 each. Shipped. $900 shipped for both. These will be gorgeous adults and will be a fun breeding program to start. Or they will just be super unique to own. They both have little to zero red pigment on their skin. Raised in a closed chamber. They are rock solid and gorgeous...