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    Keeping An Ornate Box Turtle With Three Toed Box Turtles?

    Everywhere I read I seem to run into posts saying: 1. Ornates are very hard to keep well, most soon die. 2. Ornates will quit eating, get sick and die if kept with other turtles. We recently adopted three (1.2) 3 toed and one female Ornate. All of them get along fine, and the Ornate...
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    Suddenly - A New Turtle Daddy!

    The sides are 18", plus 4" anti-climb boards screwed to the top, angled at 45 degrees toward the inside. Besides preventing escapes, the top boards gives the habitat a nice 'finished look' border. The boards are cut on a compound angle at the corners to join without gaps, giving it a sort of...
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    Suddenly - A New Turtle Daddy!

    Thanks for the welcome and kind words! :D But no suggestions? All are welcome and needed by this newbie. We live in Arkansas and are trying to keep everything as natural as possible. There will be very few flat spots in the center section. We will use the dirt and mulch to make...
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    Suddenly - A New Turtle Daddy!

    I've never had a turtle, but have been interested in them for most of my life. Now that I'm 62 years old, disabled (in a power wheelchair), I suddenly find myself adopting four turtles! I knew about these four turtles, who were being kept in terrible conditions. I was pretty sure I could get...