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    Found Russian

    Thanks for taking this little guy in, hope the owner is found soon.
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    Building Our Turtle and Tortoise Resort

    WOW! Both of your houses look like somewhere I want to vacation to! Incredible work both are beautiful.
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    Captive bred? or wild caught?

    I would say wild too
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    Growing greens in Cinder Blocks.

    Yeah I get my pots at flea markets or yard sales, if you have a Big Lots or other super discounted store you can find good deals. The big box stores charge way to much for them. I have done the cinder block planters and the only issue I had was just watering enough, the cinder blocks absorb the...
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    Only eating dandelions when outside

    Mine love them too I think they are like tortoise candy!
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    Help! (broken shell)

    I am sorry you got that response, thank you for looking out for this tortoise.
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    Finally checking out this thread, 8781 pages!!! Wow! Spring has hit Philadelphia, my bulbs are working their way up and the forsythia has bloomed!
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    Best concert you’ve been to

    He was certainly known for his showmanship!
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    Best concert you’ve been to

    Bowie twice!!! So jealous.
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    Best concert you’ve been to

    Great thread! Prior to the pandemic my husband and I were at shows here in Philly a few times a month. Lots of punk most local. Some of my favorite bigger acts that I've seen are below, Iggy being #1. Biggest regret is not seeing Bowie in my lifetime. Iggy Pop Neil Young The Cult The Cure...
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    Smoking Marijuana in the same room

    Thanks, I would hope anyone partaking would know and understand the risks. I was offering the OP a solution for their stoner den/tort enclosure dilemma. Easiest fix = move the moon cabbage outside.
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    Smoking Marijuana in the same room

    Just switch to vaping your weed no smell and you can do it outside of your apartment without getting a second look. It is so easy to come by these days and just as acceptable as someone walking down the street with a cigarette.
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    Bring him inside???

    Hi Yes bring inside with temps like that. I don't leave mine out if its lower then 62-65, cold and wet is a recipe for illness for sure. I also wouldn't feed carrots, check that care sheet again for better food options. Good luck.
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    Baxter, Jackson, and General

    Wow that's a serious set up, nice job!
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    First time posting ?

    good looking bunch! Welcome!