My name is Kayden, or KD, whichever you prefer. I own 7 tanks, three of which are reptiles, and all are rescues. In the oldest tank I've had for three or four years, I have a red eared slider, Tickles. Hes very much a brat but is adorable nonetheless. Then I have my second tank, a tank with koi and goldish, soon to be moved into a pond once I can get it done. Funny story, the goldfish were originally feeder fish for Tickles, but I saw them playing in the filter stream and I just couldn't help myself. The koi were given to me in bad condition, two of which were in way too small of tanks. Third tank is my guppy tank, an older brother of mine just came in and dumped this poor mama guppy into my goldfish tank around 2 or 3 years ago, and she almost got eaten right away. So I gave her a tank and she had all of my current adult guppies, and 19 new babies before she passed this year, who also have their own tank now, away from the adult tank. then I have my tropical tank, all of my brothers fish who he didn't want eaten by his new arowana. So thats 5 so far. One of my newest additions is my 2 year old burmese python. She is growth stunted, so she will stay the size she is now, smaller than my arm. She is so very sweet, and was given to me because she was from a breeding facility who couldn't sell or breed her, so if I didn't take her she would've been killed. Now, the final tank and most of the reason I'm here, is my 3 year old sulcata tortoise, Hades! He was passed down to house to house, three times until I got him. The first home couldn't properly care for him so he was given to someone else, who didn't have the right living conditions to house a tortoise. The last house, and the worst, he was attacked by the dogs who shared the backyard. And then finally, I got him. He is now fully healed and is definitely going to be a family pet for years to come. Once big enough he will have a big backyard to roam! For now he is too small and stays in his indoor enclosure. And that sums up my animals, aside from my three dogs - all of which couldn't care less about Hades.
Dec 22, 2000 (Age: 22)
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If a tired owner of 7 tanks is an answer, thats what I am.


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