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    Currently have hatchling Leopards, Eastern Hermanns, Marginated, Redfoots, and Brazilian Cherryheads. Check out what other species we have available at my website WWW.SOUTHERNREPTILES.NET
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    Surplus list of turtles/tortoises

    Happy Holidays everyone! We currently have the following available! Price does not include shipping. Redfoot hatchlings 1-1.5 months-$115.00 Redfoot hatchlings well started 4 months old-$135.00 Hermanns hatchlings 1-1.5 months old-$160.00 1 year old Hermanns-$195.00 Spotted turtle hatchlings-2...
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    Hermanns, Russians, Radiated, CA wood Turtles and more!

    Hatchling Russian tortoise-$225.00 plus shipping Hatchling Redfoot-$115 plus shipping Hatchling Eastern Hermanns-$160 plus shipping Hatchling Radiated tortoise(Fl sales only)-$1100 plus shipping Hatchling Pancake Tortoise-$425.00 plus shipping PLEASE VISIT MY YOUTUBE AND SUBSCRIBE AND SEE...
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    Turtle and tortoise YouTube content

    Thank you, I’m never working when I do what I love.
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    Turtle and tortoise YouTube content

    If you wanna see weekly episodes of all my species of turtles and tortoises as well as other animals come over to my YouTube at
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    Southern Reptiles Surplus List

    Surplus Well started leopard hatchlings. (2.5 months). Brazilian Cherryheads hatchlings and well started. Redfoot hatchlings. Hermanns hatchlings. Russian juveniles (4-5 inch). Hermanns juveniles (4-5 inch). Central American wood turtles well started and juveniles. Adult Breeder Yellowfoots. Sub...
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    Almost impossible to purchase a freaking tortoise!!!

    You’re are correct, I am in the middle of moving my family (wife and 1 year old son) which is a daunting task in itself, along with roughly 200-250 tortoises and all of their indoor/outdoor enclosures. You’re really gonna bring up a complaint about me cause you had to email and text me to get a...
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    I have hatchlings and well started hatchlings.

    I have hatchlings and well started hatchlings.
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    I have some gorgeous captive born juvenile 4-5 inch Redfoot tortoises still available! Till the end of December they are only $150 each, plus shipping. Normally $185 plus shipping. These stunning Redfoots will eat from your hand and are chowing on everything in sight. Romaine, turnips, collards...
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    I want to buy a Red Foot tortoise From Southern Reptiles...

    If asked if I produced the animals, and I did not, I have always disclosed the name of the breeders that produced them. Some ask and some don’t. Some don’t care to know and some do.
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    I want to buy a Red Foot tortoise From Southern Reptiles...

    I currently keep and breed Redfoots and Cherryheads( multiple locales) Eastern Hermanns, Russians, Elongated, Pancakes, Florida box turtles, Chinese box turtles, diamond had terrapin, leopards, Marginated, radiated, I have probably one of the larger groups in the USA of 9 adult breeder spiders...
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    I want to buy a Red Foot tortoise From Southern Reptiles...

    I am not trying to be confrontational. Just clarifying he didn’t state I produce every animal I sell. He stated the vast majority. Which is true. Hence why my website 60% of my listed animals are sold out, cause I don’t buy them all over the place. I put ads looking for surplus but I get about...