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    Tortstork Made History!

    Just read through this whole thing, this is adorable!
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    "best" first tortoise?

    Those are great. They’ll only require about a 55 gallon aquarium (minimum when fully filled, preferably a 60+ gallon) with an enclosed basking spot placed on top. They’re like tortoises, but move faster and stay smaller. They have a ton of personality and come in a tiny package. One of the best...
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    Urates?? Help Needed Please!!

    Wow, creepy. Mine hasn't produced any feces like that. I hope she's ok!
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    My box turtle died out of Nowhere

    This is so sad, I hope you can figure it out.
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    Tortoise Nightmares

    I've had nightmares about mine dying. He's a rescue, so there's all sorts of things wrong with him, so I guess he's more vulnerable to that than other torts. I'm always afraid I'm going to find him dead, even though he's healthy(ish), so I get nightmares sometimes.