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    Our Power is Out 😨

    Well, maybe you all don't need to hear this now, but it was 58F on my verandah this morning at 5.30 and I thought, what is this? Winter in Siberia??? Reporting from Coopers Hill, Jamaica, Caribbean Sea.
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    Is my tortoise dead?

    You have our sympathy and understanding.
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    Slime and Squeaky tortoise

    We do need to know more about his housing and the temperature in his enclosure. Please take a bit of time and give us this information so we can best help him and you! Also please do take some pictures of him and his habitat.
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    Tortoise eating bedding

    What is the humidity level in the enclosures? I like their size but they may be too dry.
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    Sanitizing water bowl

    Can we get a pic of the Slimy Thing? o_O Curiosity is killing me. Just kidding. I change the water and wash out my tortoise bowls every three days or so unless he has pooped in it. I just do a little scrub with plain water and a brush.
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    New redfoot set up help and advice needed.

    You can feed frozen but thoroughly thawed mice that are available for feeding snakes. But it is not necessary because of all the other forms of protein that the tortoise will eat, even a good quality dry dog food now and then, mine love that.
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    Urgent: Matteo Looks Sick

    Team Zissou?
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    New redfoot set up help and advice needed.

    Not too keen on the red light, I think it is not good for the tortoise.
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    New redfoot set up help and advice needed.

    A tortoise might choke on chunks of raw carrot. It is tough. I grater or slice carrot very thin. Same with raw pumpkin. Be sure to follow a good redfoot diet, they are very versatile when it comes to eating, they eat a huge variety of weeds, plants like opuntia cactus pads, veggies and fruit...
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    Outdoor snake concerns

    Totally with this.
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    Hi there

    What they all said!!!😄
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    Minor cracked shell

    Sorry this happened to your tortoise. I think someone with experience will soon come along here and help you. All the best.
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    Urgent: Matteo Looks Sick

    If we could see some pictures of the tortoise? And the enclosure? Sometimes this provides good clues or even may answer the question immediately.
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    New owner - separate Hermanns and Russian or!

    Hi! I think you probably get the general idea. But just in case it's not quite clear...keep them separated!!!😄