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    Another dead one

    I know the feeling Maggie. I recently lost my 40 year old Ornate almost the same way. She fell off a log in her garden, an got wedged between the log n a rock, and baked in the sun. I wasn't home all day, so the next morning, that's how I found her. I'm heartbroken, so Knowing how you feel...
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    Meet "Tortellini" and some three toed box questions!

    Baby box turtles are rarely seen in the wild. They hide under leaf litter and eat any little bug or worm that comes along. The only greens they eat are maybe tiny little sprouts the will start coming up in the Spring. They need a warm moist environment with places to hide I keep any babies I...
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    Holy this...

    I used to talk to him all the time too. When I was getting Pio from Tom C., I did so much research on Red foot care, but his was the care sheet I used to raise my Cherries. They turned out beautiful because of him and his advice.
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    Holy this...

    Hi Guys...does any one here remember "Redford Nerd"...I think that was his name. Well, he always said Never soak...if they want to drink or soak, they will. Of course he was a little off the wall
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    Questions Before Diving In!

    Actually, if you've kept box turtles, it's about the same care as a baby box turtle, with much less protein. Those are the two species I keep as they have the same care.
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    Box turtles come home after one year

    He's still in there Tom. Glad to see you are still here too. I'll see if I can get a picture. It's a little over grown now, but I'll look for him tomorrow and get you a picture. He's a grumpy old man now. Haha.
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    Box turtles come home after one year

    It's a little overgrown, because I want them to be able to hide, but still looks good. At least I know they are in there. That's me with my two great grand kids. Kayleiah and Alexander. My son as a farm in New Jersey now and Kayleiah lives with him and his wife and loves all the animals...
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    Box turtles come home after one year

    Yes, everything is good now in the turtle garden. Sad old box turtle from when I was born in my Dad's turtle garden, never came up this Spring.. He was well over 70 years old. I guess he's with my Dad now eating Spring figs
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    Box turtles come home after one year

    Just a lot of problems Yvonne I have my great grandson now. Babies are high maintenance. I still come and read the posts. Always like reading and learning new stuff.
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    Box turtles come home after one year

    Last Spring a devastating thing happened to me and my family of turtles. I went down to see my turtles, and since they just came up from hibernation, wanted to make sure everyone was OK. The turtle garden was a mess, plants stepped on and crushed, and the little pond was muddy. Since none of...
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    Box turtle outdoor question.

    That's a great set up u have for her. In the back, I would throw a bunch of leaf litter for her to dig in . You can throw some worms in there too. It looks like a perfect little cave back there for her to hide n get out of the sun if it's too hot.
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    What should i feed my picky Box turtle

    Her break looks ok. Just put her food on a flat piece of slate to keep it trim.
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    What should i feed my picky Box turtle

    When I have a problem eater I feed ground venison. If I can't get any I just get a good quality dog food with the venison and sweet potato. I also start off my hatchlings with this too. Works every time.
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    baby box turtle

    Well, we all know why he's thriving and growing so nice.....look who found him!! How ya doing Yvonne? I found a lot of egg shells this Spring, so I know they're in there someplace.
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    SUGGESTION for Setting Up a Baby Habitat

    I think I posted the hibernation pictures on the wrong thread. lol OMG! I'm nuts now.......sorry.