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    Hatchling Brumation

    How do you know if it was a rough start? Our friends gave him/her to us about 5-6 months after hatching.
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    Hatchling Brumation

    Thank you Tom and Yvonne, great info I went down to check on him and he was munching away, so maybe things are okay since I haven't changed any temps. Here's a few pics of Tiddles in my son Tommy's hand. Been a great learning experience for him keeping track of the scute growths. :)
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    Hatchling Brumation

    We have a DT hatchling--almost a year old (Nov 6)--who lives in a tortoise table at the moment. His energy, appetite, and growth have been great to date. I recently created a longer, sloping downward tunnel for him which he is really enjoying. Maybe a little too much. I put the food out and he...
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    Corneal Ulcer

    (title should say "cornea") I have a hatchling (Sept) tortoise who appears to have something going on with his eye. Many desert tortoise sites recommend mulch for bedding, but I'm afraid this may have caused the injury. We are changing the bedding to newspaper. The vet prescribed an antibiotic...