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    super thick, hard eggs.

    Awesome, I am glad to hear she is doing better. My female redfoot, even with good conditions for laying, still occasionally retains eggs. She laid two such retained eggs recently.
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    Heirloom Herpetoculture CA Breeder

    I don’t know them personally, but a couple of my non-TFO friends know them or have purchased from them without issues. I have only ever sent one inquiry and did not get a response.
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    Can heavily pyramided tortoises lay eggs?

    One thing to be cognizant of, is whether the gap the eggs have to pass through is big enough. So some photos of the plastron near the tail would be more helpful. Consider whether this gap is significantly smaller than other adult females. If so, I would be more concerned. However even...
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    Greek Tortoise Subspecies ID

    While I am not certain, it looks similar to Greek tortoises imported from Syria fairly recently. Those are believed to be Testudo gracea terrestris but they look a lot different from the golden greek tortoises that are also the same subspecies. If you really want to know with certainty, DNA...
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    Greek Tortoise Subspecies ID

    Please post a photo of the plastron as well
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    Cherryhead costs. help??

    I think that’s a really pretty hatchling, but with cherry heads you cannot tell with certainty what they’ll look like as adults until they are 4-5” long. Pictures of the parents would be more valuable than pictures of the hatchlings to be honest - and even then, they’ll vary a lot. I do think...
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    florida keepers take note!!

    My understanding is that a lot of iguanas got put down when they passed the last rule change, because homes outside FL could not be found fast enough. I really hope this can be blocked - but given the way it’s been going last year or two, it’s highly doubtful.
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    cuora picturata

    Good deal. Breeding loan I assume? If so, let me know if you ever get hatchlings….
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    cuora picturata

    I know this is an old post, but did you ever find a female? With these cuora, usually it’s the males that are hard to find….
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    I just cant decide!

    Yes, Indians are more shy than Burmese, and a hair less expensive (for now anyways). And as Tom says they’re a more sensitive species too. I do understand being sensitive to cost, but keep in mind that the cost of the enclosure and proper equipment could easily run $500-1000 so a couple...
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    I just cant decide!

    Of the species you have listed, I’d place into three groups: 1. The hermanns tortoise could live outdoors most of the year and brumate in the winter, so you could do without a large indoor enclosure. You might need a smaller enclosure to raise up a hatchling (most people don’t brumate babies...
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    I.D. please

    Yes! It is a species of Cyclemys, the hinge line on the plastron gives it away. I am not sure which species as they are difficult to tell apart. Old adult. They need an enclosure that is 50/50 shallow water and land area, and need to be warm (80’s F) and humid. Diet is omnivorous, fruits...
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    Progressive damage on plastron of Hermann

    Whatever the damage is, it looks old to me. I would guess it’s an infection / “shell rot”, but sometimes burn damage can look like this too (such as from a heat pad). It is healing from below. I’m leaning towards an infection, as some of the rest of the plastron is slightly discolored which...
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    My little CB group

    I can’t believe I missed this post. Fantastic work. This fits into a pattern I have seen - a lot of species are assumed to not be that prolific, where the problem is really that husbandry has not been sufficiently perfected. Also, the importance of stress (or lack thereof) is underestimated...