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    Bells hingeback tortoises - positive for tortoise intranuclear coccidia

    Tom, Sadly I have heard many similar stories with these. Most of the imports died within weeks, and the few that survived have been lost gradually despite seeming ok (and even putting on growth) for some time. Seems they can go 12-18 months with mild symptoms and then crash suddenly. I am...
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    Hatching platynota - an ongoing research project.

    Chaco tortoises diapause as well and I am quite certain they undergo “normal” TSD patterns consistent with other species - warmer temps reliably produce females and cooler gives males. I do not have data for Pyxis yet but I have observed a higher rate of split scutes in female arachnoides...
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    Cuora aurocapitata dabieshani

    Yep, had a very similar experience. Didn't get a chance to get out to anywhere remote but in the places I did visit, only red ears were found.
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    Growing Rose of Sharron (RoS)

    Cultivated varieties are often sterile and won’t set seed. One option is to stick a shovel in the ground a few times and sever some roots, pull the end of the cut roots above ground and often they will sprout new plants. Then you can dig them up and transplant them. Cuttings can be started in...
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    Plant ID

    I agree it’s probably chamber bitter, but very difficult to say. The only thing obvious is it’s in the legume family and a lot of plants look similar in the seedling stage
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    Fruit tree

    Texas persimmon, Diospyros texana
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    Moving my 2 year old tortoises

    No legal issues in SC that I know of. Once they’re housed outside they will need more substantial heated night boxes, especially over winter, since we get a lot colder than Phoenix and it is common to have rain in winter.
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    Planicauda have arrived

    Those look great, congrats!
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    Kamp Kenan

    I’m more inclined to think the opposite is true; this isn’t being exaggerated, it’s being dismissed and/or suppressed - big players in the marketplace don’t want to talk about it or admit it. This is about the only place where the disease is being discussed openly. Yes, almost all sulcata...
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    Kamp Kenan

    This disease is everywhere now. It is time to lock everything down and wait this out for a couple years to see what happens. Steve
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    Egg like discharge

    So sorry for your loss. From your description, the first suspicion I have is an ruptured, infected egg. I had a female redfoot die from this once, and she declined over about a week and showed both white and yellow discharge within the last two days before she passed. The yellow was bright...
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    Choosing the right tortoise for your climate (southeast US)

    So, I've considered making this post for a while. I see a lot of people keeping tortoises that are a real challenge in their home climate, and I've been down that road as well. Over time I have realized fighting against my local climate is hard and have put a lot of effort into considering...
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    I really want to see follow ups to document how well this works. I’m assuming it can only be done on a tortoise that is still growing?
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    Seeking some guidance for my little love (eastern box turtle)

    A surprising and unfortunate thing I have learned is that egg-related infections can occur even with immature (un-shelled) eggs, or with shelled eggs where the shell is reabsorbed. So a normal x-ray is not necessarily confirmation of anything. These infections are commonly fatal. I lost a...
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    TORTOISE HERPES?!?!?!?!?!? Help? Advice?

    Perhaps some folks with direct experience can weigh in, but I was under the impression from various articles that herpesvirus could be treated with antivirals with a good chance of recovery. Here’s one such document: Good luck and hope...