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    Can i put my tortoises indoors just for few hours a day?

    Be sure to make the inside something they can walk around in, an enclosure not just a box. You will get other problems if they cant get enough exercise. I would also work on getting the outside cooler. More shade and misting system.
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    Found Russian

    Contact local area vets let them know. Also any local animal rescues. Also maybe put up flyers without its pic. Be sure whoever claims to be the owner, try to verify by describing the tort too you. Lots of scammers want free torts to sell for money. They will do anything even steal them.
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    humidity and bathing

    Some tortoises dont like soaks. That's just too bad for them. Keep doing them. As for humidity, it's likely more the unit you were using. We don't really recommend them. A closed chamber for hatchlings to about 3 years is recommended and then a humid hide while also keep a damp substrate.
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    Is this shell rot/fungus?

    Treat it with over the counter antifungal cream. If it is then that should take care of it. I can't really tell as when I blow the pic up its blurry.
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    Can i put my tortoises indoors just for few hours a day?

    If you have no other way to get them into a cooler area and they are getting dehydrated, then that's what I would do. However, put them in a seperate enclosure and don't use hay it's to drying.
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    Is my Redfoot growing too rapidly?

    If you do a closed chamber, keep the bottom substrate of coconut coir and wet it then put orchid bark on top, it will keep humidity yet dry on top if substrate. Get as big of an enclosure you can do and block part of it off if it's too big, then you can unblock it when she gets bigger. This...
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    Please help! (red marks on face)

    Until Yvonne answers, keep a close eye on it. It may just have been from him getting his head stuck between something he should have but got out of it okay. It could be something else developing. For now it looks just red. Don't freak but keep eye on it.
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    Is my Redfoot growing too rapidly?

    Enclosure is too small. At least a 2x4 foot for a hatchling. If they don't have enough room to roam and move they will get over weight and will not be able to walk properly. They have to be able to build up their muscle.
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    Please help! (red marks on face)

    No it doesn't. It would be kinda odd to have one on each side I believe.
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    Help with growing hibiscus effectively for tortoise-troubleshoot bugs

    I see spraying plants with a mixture of dish soap and water a lot recommended whenever I look up different ways to keep bugs off. The bubbles I believe suffocates the bugs. Not sure if it also repels or not though.
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    Is my Redfoot growing too rapidly?

    What size enclosure? Can't really over feed a baby as long as it has the proper room to roam for exercise and a proper diet. Be sure to only give a pinch of calcium 2 or 3 times a week. Too much is as bad as too little. Also use the mazuri only a couple times a week, it will put size on...
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    Please help! (red marks on face)

    Not sure about tote red but his care and habitat must be greatly improved ASAP! An adult Russian needs a minimum of a 4x8 foot enclosure both inside and out. That tiny aquarium no substrate is not good at all. His eyes look sunken in too me in the last pics. Give him a warm water soak for...
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    What to do if a crack in shell.

    @Yvonne G might be able to help. If he were mine, I would very lightly see if that piece moves. If so I would find a good vet to have it glued or possibly put some liquid bandage on it. Also take away anything he could climb on or fall off of. Also keep it clean and flies away But, wait...
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    tortoise going camping

    No, not even any time. Read ZenHerper post again.
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    Enclosure Help South Florida.... Will Hire

    Sorry I don't agree with you. You are putting your wants and needs in front of your torts. It's not a dog that wants to be with its human. It's a tortoise, a solitary animal that lives its life alone except for breeding or fighting other torts it comes across. If it's your baby then you...