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    Anyone else here tired of being deleted or fluffed?

    I just made a post here, and it hasn't posted as far as I can see. Interesting...Anyway, I simply stated that I just had several posts edited and removed arbitrarily. There was no promised notice. Bet no one is surprised by that. I am done contributing here.
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    13 y/o sulcata weighs 5lbs. HELP!

    I'm glad you posted those pictures. I was expecting something much worse. He doesn't appear t0 be in too bad of shape. For his age, though, he should be significantly bigger. His diet needs some work, and I would still recommend Mazuri to get him growing. The house for him depends, really, where...
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    13 y/o sulcata weighs 5lbs. HELP!

    I can't stand a liar. This is a tough situation that you're in. I think it has fallen on you to attempt to improve this tortoises life. You can acquaint yourself with the proper care without actually touching the sulcata. A heated house for the winter would be a good start. Mazuri tortoise food...
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    WHAT IS THIS???!!!!!!???!?!?

    I think it very well could be an artifact. Find a indian artifact dealer somewhere in the area for ID. I would be very careful damaging or marking it until ID is made.
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    Y'all won't believe this.... Babies!!

    That's two more than I have ever found. I suspect that the toad may be the explanation for the missing one.
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    Y'all won't believe this.... Babies!!

    C'mon, it's not mortared as far as I can see. It'll be a breeze. Also, you won't feel guilty with every fire.
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    Y'all won't believe this.... Babies!!

    Good for you. I would take the round wall apart, and carefully remove a couple inches of dirt in there to search.
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    GIANT Spider

    They sail across on a line of spider silk.
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    Florida male rescue

    disc harrow... quote='diamondbp' pid='749349' dateline='1380659566'] Yeh it truly is. I don't know what could have possibly made that type of damage on his shell.
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    This little FEMALE has the best eye color, by far, of all my Easterns:
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    HI! Im not sure what species of tortoise I own

    I will give you a bump because I'm curious.
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    Is his beak to long?

    He looks fine. YOU try eating a floating (or sinking)tomato.
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    Ok Some Fun Plant Trivia ….Who can tell me what this is ?

    1/ Pachypodiun Rosulatum 'Gracilius' 2/ Thai Socotranum Adenium 3/ Pachypodium Rosulatum