Turtle Hobbyist since age 3, professional tortoise keeper since 2007, current turtles who have stolen my heart & how long I have had them:

Monica-adult 3-toed box-16yrs+
Maggie-adult Ornate box-14yrs+
Cindy-subadult Ornate box-14 yrs
Skippy-juvenile 3-toed box-6yrs+
Christopher-adult Ornate box-4yrs+
Rufus & PeeWee-Fl Softshells-2yrs
Mary turtle-Stinkpot-1yr

Other torts who have my heart, a beautiful group of Aldabras who I am honored to serve daily. And they know it!
Dec 9, 1985 (Age: 38)
Location (City and/or State)


"I'm half horse, half alligator, with a little touch of snapping turtle.... I can outfight, out shoot, out jump any man in the country. And I will!" -Davy Crockett
2011 is YEAR OF THE TURTLE, 50% are threatened with extinction!Turtles need YOUR help! www.yearoftheturtle.org


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