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    Raised Flower Bed Enclosure

    I have an African Sulcata torise (King Koopa) and he's a little over a year and is also my classroom pet. He has, in my opinion, outgrown his current inside enclosure (just an old 40-50 gallon tank we turning into a little habitat for him) with heat source. I want to make a new one for my class...
  2. K

    Having trouble setting up new enclosure for 1 year old African sulcata

    Our baby tortoise outgrew their original tank quickly and we finally found a new enclosure that’s perfect for them. However, we’re having trouble setting up the lights and heat emitter. For starters, we set up the heat emitter directly on top. Since the bulb itself wasn’t touching the wood, we...
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    Help! Lump under my baby sulcata throat!!

    Hello! I am new here, but I wanted your guys' opinion on my African Sulcata tortoise. So apparently I discovered that whenever my tortoise breathes, his throat gets big. Like a frog, but everything sucks back in once he's done inhaling. Is this normal? I got him from a sketchy reptile store...