burmese star

  1. F

    Preparing to get a Burmese Star! Please help me with more care information

    Hi TFO! I'm preparing an enclosure for this Burmese Star : After reading countless threads & care sheets, I'm still not sure about some care information.Please help me out with it 😃 1. Does this star tortoise look healthy? He is around 4" now 2. From what I read, it's still too early to tell...
  2. Rambo at 4 y/o

    Rambo at 4 y/o

    Our Burmese Star tortoise is now a little over 4yrs old (hatch date approx 04/2018) and 7 1/2" in length. He is outside full time and loves South Florida Summer. Afternoon rains and he's under his favorite bamboo plant. We renamed him "Rambo" as it fits his personality. Purchased from @Tom
  3. sapthetortoise

    Girl or Boy?

    Hey guys, I’m a Burmese star and I’m curious if anyone has an opinion of my gender!? Check my photos out and let me know!
  4. Pattjunior

    Any Burmese Star Yearlings FOR SALE? South Florida Preferred

    Good evening I am looking to purchase another Burmese Star Tortoise preferably 50-100 grams incubated for female or showing female characteristics. I know its all a crap shoot. If you have or know of some of the other members on here please send over their info! I am located in SWFL.
  5. B

    My new Burmese Star Tortoise

    I just recently adopted a Burmese star tortoise. I realised the lines disconnected and the pattern doesn’t match any of the other photos I’ve seen.
  6. B

    Too early to tell gender?

    Hello everyone, Just brought home a Burmese Star Tortoise and was wondering if anyone can help identify the gender? Appreciate any thoughts. Thank you! Bill
  7. Pattjunior

    Normal weight gain of a baby Burmese Star tortoise

    Im curious as to what the normal weight gain of a baby Burmese star tortoise should be. I do weigh my tortoise daily, but really look at an average of the weeks weights to see how the baby is progressing. In the last month my 4 month old has gone from 30g to 36g. My 6 month old has gone from...
  8. selbe85

    Tortoise shell becoming soft

    I've had my Burmese Star hatchlings for a couple months. I noticed this week their shells are becoming soft, some more than others and it worries me. What can I do to make it better? Tortoise #1 (Kross) - very soft carapace/plastron, lethargic, not eating #2 (Jack) - soft carapace/plastron...
  9. A

    Looking for Radiata in Texas…also Burmese Stars

    Looking for a bunch of radiata in Texas High yellow=any size Or adults generally Also looking for a few adult Female Burmese stars Maybe a male Two10540840two -Troy