1. Vicariouslychow

    Clogged nostril

    Hello All, When I checked on my tortoise this afternoon, it looks like his left nostril is plugged up with coco coir. Is this cause for concern and is there anything I can do to help him remove it? See photo for reference... It doesn't seem to bother him but I currently just have him soaking...
  2. H

    Coconut substrate sticking to head/neck and slightly in shell

    I just got a redfoot tortoise a few days ago. She is doing great so far other than she keeps getting filthy from the coconut coir substrate. After she gets out of her water, the substrate is sticking to her and it is all over her head and in and around her neck. I rinsed her off this morning but...
  3. Tanyabobanya

    Soil, coco, for indoor night enclosure help

    Hello! I’m asking a question I’ve asked for months and still am not sure.. what kind of soil to use for an indoor enclosure I use for rainy days/ cold nights? For my outdoor one I went as far as mentioning this to my gardener who drove to the mountains and brought back the finest soil you could...