cold weather

  1. 907tortoise

    Tortoise in Alaska

    I am a brand new tortoise owner in Anchorage AK. I would like to plant some grass in my tortoise enclosure and need advise on what kind my Red Leg is like to eat that would be healthy. many other advise to get this guy through the winter would be appreciated.
  2. addyson123

    Please Help! Russian Tortoise Not Eating!

    Hello Everybody, I have had my tortoise for about 2 1/2 months and I love him so much. He has been great and for the most part has been eating good but recently (Within the past few weeks) He has stopped eating and subsequently stopped pooping. Otherwise he seems to be normal. He doesn't have...
  3. Jude curran

    Scotland winter

    Im from scotland and in 2 weeks i am getting a russian tortoise it will be kept in my conservatory wich can be really cold how can i heat the enclosure on top of using the heat and uvb lamp. It is and open top table , pleanty big enough for him ( I am really worried he will be to cold, should i...
  4. Maidens Hill Farm

    Specifics for Sulcata winter house re: Tom's design

    Greetings! I am adopting a 4 yo male Sulcata soon and creating a home before hand. We are going to build the house designed by Tom in a previous thread, if anyone is familiar. My husband is a builder so I am lucky! That said, Ive been thinking about how they like to burrow. Does anyone think...
  5. rachmodawg

    LONG BUT NEED HELP! Mediterranean Tortoise...winter in NY?? Thoughts from experts??

    Hello! I am very inconsistent with my posting, but you are all so helpful when I have a concern, and I couldn't be more grateful. For background, I have a 1 year old Jordanian Greek named Sgt. Pepper. He is the light of my life, he lives in my living room (forcefully) so my whole family can see...
  6. Kelli_WAH

    Florida to Ohio - Can you successfully Overwinter Adult Sulcata

    Hello all - While working as a wildlife biologist in the Florida panhandle I acquired an adult sulcata tortoise. With proper preparations overwintering him was relatively easy. He built a burrow and we insulated it with straw and covered it with a dog house to protect against the chill of the...
  7. Labsue

    Concerned about post hibernation cold/rainy weather

    I have a 30+ . CA desert tortoise that woke up from an over 4 month hibernation on 3/12...(kept in box in garage). Took him outside and, as usual he had low activity...but last evening a light rain started and he was moving around trying to drink some of the water and making a short odd guttural...