1. K

    Worried about my Sulcata

    Hey, Im a new reptile owner and bought a Sulcata from a market here in Thailand back in June, when i got him he was 38g he quickly (1 month) gained weight up to around 54g and now we are in february, aka 9 months later and he is hovering around 53g - he peaked at 58g but been settling around...
  2. irot

    In need of answers and advice

    I dont even know where to start.. I am concerned about my baby sulcata tort Lewy. It has been a rough start from the beginning. We got him in November 2022 from a seller in California who wasn't very informative and gave us incorrect instructions for his care. We live in Utah so we have been...
  3. N

    Advice please for new Sulcata rescues.

    Hi everyone! I would appreciate any suggestions and insights. I run a animal rescue, primarily dogs and farm animals. We occasionally take in reptiles, though I am no expert. Our policy with reptiles is that we reach out to other reputable exotic rescues and if we take them in, they go straight...
  4. T

    Russian Tortoise Shell Issue

    Hello I’m new to the forum. I found these weird looking white spot on my tortoise shell yesterday. It looks painful and I’m not sure what it means. Does anyone have any advice for me as to if it’s to do with her diet or more serious?
  5. cristina lazaro

    My boxie barley moves

    Hey all! I’m new here and I’m a new turtle owner! I have my Boxie in a 40 gallon tank that has several different temperatures throughout (I bought an infrared thermometer) all between 70 and 100° (hundred ° in the basking spot 70 in the cool spot 83 in the spot she likes to hang out in…) She...