1. Kschoendorf

    Tortoise has possible cut on neck

    Help my tortoise has a cut on her neck, recently acquired her from a shelter type place. What should I do to help or will it heal itself
  2. Lexitacos

    Plato basking

    just woke up from a nap :tort::tort:
  3. Aaru.

    My indian star

    Hi guys this is Aaru. He's an indian star. Here's a cute pic of him.
  4. DB53E802-C43B-4E49-B002-F5811BE941DD.jpeg


    Orzo here, this is my life as a pie chart ?? What other things do you do during your busy tortie days? ??
  5. PXL_20210107_005343876.PORTRAIT.jpg


    Meet Picard!
  6. E

    My dear sweet Kenji

    Just wanted to show how cute my tortoise is :) also does anyone know what i can do for my tortoise so he has fun?
  7. MomoDontKnow

    Got some wiggles!

    During a soak yesterday I saw a small wiggle while Tomato was on the towel. So today I came prepared camera in hand to make a gif, and I got a cute few wiggles!
  8. R

    New decor and she loves it!

    Hey all, long time reader first time poster here. I just recently got this cholla wood from Petsmart and my Russian April loves it! It's the best thing I've found for foraging. She just goes climbs right up and eats a lot faster (for a tortoise) than usual!
  9. kratos

    Awesome Tortoise Shirts

    Hi all, Since I'm a huge nerd I made some shirt designs for us tortoise lovers. Let me know if you like 'em! They are available on Amazon in Men's and Women's sizes. Thanks! :)
  10. Meet Kaia, the explorer :)

    Meet Kaia, the explorer :)

    My baby Greek tort just getting to know the environment
  11. Afternoon munchies :3

    Afternoon munchies :3