diet for a russian

  1. M

    Horsfield Won’t Eat but Very Active

    I have two and have had them 2 years. Both healthy and checked by the vets. They have a large open top enclosure, each with correct bulbs that I change every 6 months and I’ve not had any issues with the tortoises so far. I went on holiday and my sister looked after them and they were both...
  2. mrpresitort

    Very lethargic Russian tortoise (2yo, M) - Is he sick?

    My russian tortoise is a 2 year old (ish) male. He's usually very active in the mornings and goes out in search of food, but for the past week, maybe week and a half, I have had to encourage him to come out of his burrow to eat something, and then once he's eaten he goes right back to his burrow...
  3. Geode890

    Good (Cheaper) Tortoise Salad Topper Alternatives?

    Hey all. For the past few years I've been getting the Tortoise Supply Herbal Hay for my russian tortoise, but with everything going on recently (and I feel like the herbal hay itself got more expensive?) it's been getting harder to fit it into my budget, so I've been looking into alternatives. I...
  4. Tuscans_mom

    Can my Russian have this??

    Hi everyone! I’ve had this succulent for a few months now- not sure exactly what kind but was wondering if my Russian tortoise could enjoy it.
  5. T

    Russian Tortoise--pooping in small "nuggets"?

    Hello! Below I've attached some pictures--my Russian tort Ivan, who I've had for around 4 or 5 years, and what his poops have been looking like recently. For the past couple of weeks, his poops have been coming out in these small "nuggets" rather than continuous, larger pieces. At first I...
  6. lionheartHC

    Feeding Russian grass?

    So here in Ohio it's October and I just brought Gary into his tortoise table for the winter. I do not hibernate him as he is my only Russian and I do not intend to do any breeding. Ever since Gary has been put outside I've noticed a lot of grass in his stool. I know they are typically not grass...
  7. hazelnut_twirl15

    Baby Tortoise- how much should I feed him?

    I have bought a Horsefield Tortoise which the lady in the shop thought was about 6 months old, his shell is about 2.5 inches long, cutest little guy! Please can I get some advice on what to feed him as well as how much and how often. I've read so much info which contradicts itself, feeling very...
  8. J

    Questions about feeding and supplements

    Hi. I’m going to be getting a Russian tortoise. I already have the water dish, food dish, cage and lights. I was wondering what is the best thing to feed them. I tried to google and everyone has different answers. Should I feed him pellets and vegetables? If so what brand for the pellets and how...
  9. For-Mr.Spock

    I cannot find these on Tortoise Table?

    I live in PA and have a decent sized yard. My store only really has endive and kale, so I have taken to foraging to supplement my russian tortoise's diet. What are these following plants and can she eat them? Thank you for your time and patience.
  10. Ruszian Tortoise

    Is this food OK?

    Hi, I copy and pasted this from a thread I posted on about my tortoise's nails. My tortoise is a three and a half year old russian female. Is this a good diet: Kale, dandelion (flowers not too often), field madder, creeping jenny, small amounts of clover, some flukers pellets (don't like them...