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    Making concerning noises

    Hi I have a 8 and 1/2 year old sulcata named Razie and I have been concerned about a respiratory issue for awhile now. I have gone to 3 different vets over the course of his lifetime with the respiratory issues seeming to come and go. The first vet was honest about not knowing much about...
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    Tortoise stuck in shell

    Guys, i have indian star tortoise It have been gone inside shell and +36 hours haven't come out of shell (due to some thing fall on it)(no shell no cracks. I think he might be afraid) He it not comming out of shell but walking Eyes are little swelling What to do now. How to treat And how to...
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    weird mark on Russian tortoise's neck update?

    it looks better to me, but should i still be concerned? is there anything i can do to help it heal? should i try to find a vet to take a look? (the first photo is from two weeks ago, the second photo is from today) thank you!