1. K

    Found Sulcata - Gainesville FL

    My neighbor just found a female sulcata in the road in Gainesville, FL If anyone is looking for their missing lady, please give me a call at 907 347 7454 with a description
  2. K

    Tortoise found on freeway

    Had a person contact me knowing that I have desert tortoises I take care of & have on my property, he starts telling me that he had found a tortoise on the 14 freeway in Lancaster California. He saw it last second and swerved to avoid it and slammed on his brakes and ran back and got it before...
  3. SheldonsKeeper


    Hello All, So finally after 6/8 weeks of looking after 'Sheldon' I finally came across his/her real owner!!! Was a bittersweet moment :tort: So whilst out looking at my car one of the 'neighbors' (I say neighbor but was a lady who lives a road down and behind us) was walking past with their...
  4. Pvalerie

    found in backyard ! Help

    I live in El Paso Texas and found this little guy in my backyard. I noticed my dogs barking outside and when i went to see what was happening i noticed it was a turtle. I’m not sure what to do with it or where to put it , what to feed it, if it needs to be near water ? i need some tips on how to...