free to good home

  1. D

    Free Sulcatas Tortoise

    Sadly I can no longer take care of her , if interested please contact me . I live in North Las Vegas
  2. A

    Male Russian and Female Sulcata needing rehoming

    I have a male Russian box and a female Sulcata (we think) that needs rehoming. They were both rescues given to me at different times a few years ago, and I haven't been able to give them the care and dedication they deserve. The Russian is at least 8 or 9 years old; the Sulcata might be less...
  3. P

    Indian star tortoise 5years old male

    I want to give my indian star 5years old healthy & active tortoise eats bean, baby corn, coriander, tometo, cucumbers if any one interested will take good care good home then can contact me giving because shifting abroad in mumbai india. Email me [email protected]
  4. janevicki

    Free Apalone spinifera female approx 8 1/2" front to back of carpace

    Hello Turtle Lovers, I have posted this in the Turtle section but also want to post here too. I am fostering a spiney soft shell female, very beautiful specimen. Her shell and entire body is clean and no infections or scars. I am local to Anaheim CA, so we can meet somewhere around there...
  5. jazzthetortoise

    7 year old Sulcata Male looking for new home (Southern California)

    Hello! We have a 7 year old male sulcata tortoise we have had since a hatchling. Unfortunately, my elderly mother and I can no longer take care of him. We have a few supplies for him and would love to adopt him out to someone who has experience with tortoises and a yard or area large enough for...
  6. M

    Sulcatta to good home

    I have owned this Sulcatta tortoise for about 7 years now. She was a suprise gift and unfortunately I can't take care of her anymore due to lack of time and space. I live in Kansas, about 30 minutes from Kansas City. She has some slight pyramiding and her front two scutes are fused, they have...