1. N

    Help growing tortoise supply mix

    I finally received my testudo seed mix from tortoise supply, but need some advice on how to grow it. I was going to buy a planter to grow the seeds in since my neighbor up the hill treats her lawn with chemicals and I can't plant in my yard for that reason. From videos I've watched, it looks...
  2. N

    Plant ID and replanting help

    Does anyone have tips for harvesting and replanting weeds for the purpose of growing more for your tortoise? I am not sure if there are any good ways to replant weeds so that they survive and continue to grow. I also need help identifying these weeds that I am hoping to replant (The second and...
  3. M

    Baby Sulcata concerns about weight gain

    Hello Everybody! I got my hatchling sulcata, Geode, on September 22, 2018 and today is January 21, 2018. When I got him, he weighed 50.5g and today, four months later, he only weights 59.9g. I was under the impression that slow growth was good for these babies, but after doing so more...
  4. N

    Greek Tortoises growth

    hey everyone I’m new here I’m just wondering how fast Greek Tortoises grow! Like what intervals do they go from small baby to full grown!
  5. Brit G

    Best Food BESIDESGRASSES to grow for leopard hatchling?

    I will be getting a hatchling leopard tort at the Dallas Expo in September. Wanted to start growing some food now, though I also have a back up plan if I'm starting too late (aa friend who has Sulcatas said he could lend me some grasses/weeds for a spell). I plan to purchase seed mixes from a...