leopard tortoise baby

  1. K

    ?’s about my leopard tortoises

    Hi I have 2 leopard tortoises they are both 6-7 years old my female is about 20lbs and my males is about 9lbs. They have been mating like crazy, sometimes I have to separate them. Are they old enough/ big enough to lay fertile eggs? Last year she laid 2 but crushed them both. And if they are...
  2. M

    Surprise Leopard hatchlings

    Hi, I'm new to this forum - and a new tortoise Mum! After we experienced some very hot , humid and rainy weather back in March we were pleasantly surprised to find 19 Leopard tortoises in our garden!! We never owned a tortoise (so it was definitely not expected) but we are so happy! Don't...
  3. Beetle_Rain

    Is my leopard tortoise to small for its age?

    Hi I got my leopard tortoise from a breeder at Repticon January 21st of this year and his first documented weight was 43 grams it’s now a little over three months later and he’s only about 2.25 inches long and he kind of fluctuates between 46 and 50 grams. I was not told a hatch date so I’m...
  4. Beetle_Rain

    Food suggestions for leopard tortoise!

    Hi! I wanted to share everything I provide for my baby Leopard Tortoise it’s going to be a long list but I’d like to know if anyone thinks I am missing anything important or need to take anything out! Fresh greens: - endive - escarole - arugula - hibiscus leaves - spring mix (spinach removed) -...
  5. Kimchi’s meal 1/1/24

    Kimchi’s meal 1/1/24

    Really enjoyed todays meal! Kale, hibiscus leaves, arugula, mazuri LS pellets, and a small cactus bloom
  6. Beetle_Rain

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum finally! I am a first time leopard tortoise mom but have had many reptiles and turtles before this! I have had my baby boy Kimchi (just assuming he’s still to young to fully tell) for almost 3 months and I hope that I’m doing everything...
  7. V

    Leopard Tortoise Shellrot on Plastron?

    He's my first tortoise and is a few months over 1 year old. I went a bit too long letting him live in his hatchling terrarium that was too small (I've recently rehoused him into an awesome gigantic diy enclosure I'm really happy with) and since it's got colder and I couldn't take him out to...
  8. F

    Leopard Tortoise not growing…

    Our beloved Leopard tortoise hasn’t put on any weight in a good while. He eats a good, full diet of dandelion and other suitable wild leaves with a calcium top up yet has not surpassed 70g and is almost 6 months old. He looks healthy and vibrant. Does anyone have any experience/suggestions...
  9. P

    Need a uvb and heat lamp for 6m old leopard

    Can anyone recommend me a reasonably priced uvb and heat bulb for my tortoise? Thanks in advance