los angeles

  1. Rebs

    Help Brumating in Los Angeles

    Hi. I need help. We have two desert tortoises, Lance and Gwennie, in Highland Park, Los Angeles. They came with our house and for the five years we've been here they have successfully brumated in a burrow they dug - it even worked through El Nino - the tortoises placed it at the top of a slight...
  2. S

    Re-Homing two young (under 5lbs) Sulcatas in the Los Angeles area

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to re-home my 2 small (under 5lbs, we think about 2-3 years old) Sulcata tortoises. We're unexpectedly moving to an area that won't have enough space for them to roam and grow. We're in the Los Angeles area, and are hoping to find a new home for them nearby, but...
  3. S

    advice on the perfect tortoise for southern california?

    Hi everyone! I'm so grateful to have found this forum trying to scour for information on the web for how to raise a happy and healthy tortoise. I live in Pasadena California (lows in the winter down to 40s and highs in the summer up to 100; quite dry/arid) and am curious what what might be an...
  4. Kayla Moody

    Introducing Shmortoise the tortoise

    Hello everyone, My name is Kayla, I love in Los Angeles with my surprise tortoise and 2 tortoise-loving cats. I jokingly named my tort "Shmortoise" because she just showed up one day and I truly assumed we'd find her original owners, but 4 months later and we're still together. I'm obsessed...
  5. Laura111

    I am interested in a Sulcata tortoise

    I live in Whittier, California and looking to adopt a juvenile or young adult Sulcata tortoise. Anyone in Orange County, preferably Northern part of O.C. or Los Angeles County with a Sulcata?
  6. W

    About to be a new sri lankan star tortoise parent.

    Hi all. I'm about to be a new tortoise parent. I joined here before I get one to find out about best ways to give a best start to a young little tortoise and what to buy and from where to buy things economically.
  7. chrisman

    Seeking Sanctuary/Rescue for Redfoot Tortoise

    Hello! My name is Christina, I am from Los Angeles, CA. I'm currently taking care of a roughly 2.5 year old Redfoot Tortoise. He was my grandmother's pet, but she was recently put into a nursing home and can no longer take care of him. I am taking care of Milton now, however, I live in a small...