lost russian tortoise

  1. H

    Will Casey my Russian tortoise be able or be smart enough to survive the winter? In terrifyed.

    If you look at my first post thread on here you will see that a family member lost my precious tortoise in late June.Now that it is November and closer to thanksgiving I’m absolutely terrified. I hate the dark now and I hate the fact that it’s getting colder,All I can think about is my tortoise...
  2. H


    Hi so my sister was watching my tortoise Casey and let him outside and was supervising him.I guess she got distracted or sm Bc she lost him and I’m absolutely devastated.I was not there when he went missing and only got the call that he was 3 hours after.I’ve been looking for him for 4 days by...
  3. DarwinsOwner

    Lost My Russian Tortoise 8/25... Worried Sick ... Any Advice Helps

    Hi all, I lost my buddy Darwin (Russian/male) two days ago, 8/25, in my backyard around 1 pm. I take him out most days for some exercise and sunshine since I usually keep him inside (I live in Mass, which gets pretty cold during the winter months) I must've looked away for no more than a...