1. J

    Cherry head season change and lighting advice

    Hello, I've moved cherry and berry into a new home (pictures attached) and I have some questions about lighting. Its fall here in MN and I noticed that they were slowing down and eating less, which seems like it's normal for cherryheads. I also have seen a lot of conflicting advice on basking...
  2. EdMurphy

    Missing through the winter, Found

    https://www.kare11.com/article/news/weird/tortoise-reunited-with-likely-owner-after-winter-adventure/89-559856169 EAGAN, Minn. - If only turtles could talk. A Russian tortoise is back home (we think) with her owner after a mysterious six-month disappearance. It's a saga that came to the public...
  3. Schildlkröte

    Exotic Animal Fair in Hastings, MN March 11

    http://www.stpaulbirdfair.com/exoticpetfairs.html Tortoises are promised to be represented.