1. sadid1999

    Is this an infection on russians mouth?

    Does my russian male look like his mouth is infected? He seems to be doing ok as normal and he has been eating normal Yesterday my sister fed him pellets, dandelion leaves with some calcium powder and now hes bathing as normal but i can see some gunk stuff on his mouth? he has some on his head...
  2. A

    Sticky Substance Around Mouth

    Hello, I am new here so hopefully not breaching any forum rules. Does anybody know why my one year old Hermanns tortoise gets a super sticky slime all under his mouth/in his mouth only when he is put into his outside enclosure? It’s so sticky it’s like the glue you get on a new bank/credit...
  3. B

    Leopard Tortoise mouth issue

    I have a tortoise who is around 10 years old. She always makes noises when eating with her beak clicking. Is this normal? I think I forgot to add water to her dish in her enclosure yesterday and it's around 97 fahrenheit in Arizona. This morning her upper beak was actually curled inside her...
  4. TortoiseBlobs

    Help! Hermanns “gasping”(?)

    Hi everyone, Up front I’ll just say that while typing this, things feel less scary than when I started. But I’d still love some consult! Kirby, my 6 yo Dalmatian Hermanns started acting distressed this evening after eating some pellets of mushy mazuri. She was doing the following in 5-15 sec...
  5. Isolde

    My tortoise has a problem with her mouth

    My tortoise has a lu Iittle gap on her mouth, she is eating normally but I don’t know what it is.
  6. Meet Buddy

    Meet Buddy

    Buddy is the cutest little guy of the group. Only about 1-3 years old, he's smaller that all the other, but big in heart!
  7. E

    Sick Cherryhead? :(

    Hi all, first time poster here. I have a ~3 year old baby cherryhead, who normally seems happy and healthy. But tonight I heard him wheezing, and when I checked on him I found a strange sort of bubbly mucus around his mouth and nostrils. He had also just pooped quite a lot, not sure if the two...
  8. T

    HELP! Mouth problem!

    Hi, I have a two year old Russian tortoise called Ted, as of the past two weeks he's been acting as little funny with regards to his eating habits, he usually chomps his food and almost completely clears his bowl every time, but lately he has not, and he's been eating rather slowly. Noticing...
  9. Colinpv

    Need some advice! (mouth injury)

    My western box turtle has these weird slits on the sides of her mouth, and when she eats they seem to bleed a little. i see no signs of mouth rot and just looked inside her mouth less than a half hour ago, but its definitely frightening. it got better with some peroxideneosporin but every time i...