1. Russian Rehab

    Female Musk Digging Tunnels to lay eggs.

    Hello all., bellow i describe the nesting behavior i have seen from my female common musk this breeding season. I want to know if anyone else has noted similar behavior in their nesting turtles? I am particularly interested in why you think she might be doing this also. she is doing it...
  2. Stoneman

    Is nest building the same motions as burrowing (Indian)? Too small to lay? & other Questions

    Today I had a female Indian star SCL about 6.75 and bodyweight about 850. Today I noticed she looked like she was building a nest in an enclosure, and then it looked like she abandoned it. I have seen her mate with a Male, I am not sure if the magic happened but with how much they have I would...
  3. Iamlights

    Sulcata Nesting

    So for about a week or so my 8 year old sulcata has been cranky and digging random holes with her back legs. Yesterday she was digging with her back legs for hours in the same hole, but no eggs even though she covered the hole back up. Is this normal?
  4. Russian Rehab

    Gravid Musk not laying

    hello alll I need help in knowing when it is time to worry/ go to the vet in regard to my musk female laying eggs. i am concerned about egg retention. here is the story. this is my first time with a femail needing to lay. i have only every had a boy before. i gave her a nesting box and...