odd behaviour

  1. T

    Sub-adult male Hermann's... extremely picky eater or wrong diet entirely?

    Hi all, I'm currently keeping a sub-adult male Hermann's tortoise. I've had him since last fall, and he's just great. However, I do have a few questions about his diet. I was told by the previous owner he was fed fresh fruit daily (strawberries, mangos, etc). To my knowledge, his diet was far...
  2. dylanhighsmith

    Desert Tortoise Restless Movements While Sleeping

    So our 28 year old desert tortoise has been very restless at night lately. Pretty much all night long he does this intermittent wild neck stretching and head pumping thing. We've taken him to the vet for this type of behavior before (although that time he wasn't stretching his neck out as far -...
  3. H

    Baby Tortoise and Rocks!

    Hello! Im new here, i got a baby hermann tortoise in April, hes great! Such a funny lil guy, but i have a question.. i recently added in some rocks for him to play with to keep him occupied, but he started to bite them? And now hes even started to lift up the rocks and sniff underneath them? Im...
  4. K

    Head bobbing & squeaking

    Hi! I gave my male horse field tortoise a bath of lukewarm water and he did seem to drink some of it (mouth went into the water via a head tilt) when I took him out and put him down he began to squeak & bob his head in and out of the shell, when the squeak happens that’s when the head jumps...
  5. I

    Russian Tortoise exhibiting odd behaviour

    Hi, I have had my Russian Tortoise Bowser for about four months now. He was mistreated in his past, as when we got him he had swollen eyes shut and was extremely lethargic. We think he is between 4-5 years old, but we don't know. We nursed him back to health, and he went to the vet in the...