outdoor pond

  1. Wayfarin

    Questions regarding the medium Waterland tub as an outdoor slider pond and nesting area

    Hello again folks! So I was thinking about providing our female RES with a pond where she can come out on land to nest. She has no mate and has never mated (to my knowledge) but would probably appreciate a nesting area nonetheless, since she has laid eggs in the past in the water (making a huge...
  2. Wayfarin

    Looking for information on the size and suitability of 300-gallon Rubbermaid stock tanks

    Hello, folks! As I've been discussing on this forum for a long time, our red-eared slider, Teresa, has grown out of her indoor tank, and I'm looking into setting up an outdoor pond for her to at least spend the summer (probably overwintering her indoors when the temps start to drop). While I...
  3. Wayfarin

    Do outdoor red-eared slider enclosures need a land area, or just a basking area? Do they ever use land areas?

    Hello, folks! Anyone who has read my former posts would probably be aware of my ultimate intention to eventually upgrade our red-eared slider, Teresa, to an outdoor enclosure pond. Since the enclosure would likely be located near the house, it would most likely be an above-ground pond that...
  4. Wayfarin

    Red-eared sliders and American bullfrogs living together? (LONG THREAD)

    Hello, folks! Some of you may already be acquainted with our turtle, as I've already introduced her on another thread. We currently own a female red-eared slider named Teresa or "Terry" who's a little over 12 years old. We've had her for that long, and we suspect she could live many more years...