1. Inspire2be

    Oogway our rescued Russian 🐢✨

    Oogway catching some ☀️ He’s doing great & no more issues going on! So glad I drove 1.5hrs to rescue this dude. 💚😊 He’s so chill & loves to be by you. …….and….escaping 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
  2. Inspire2be

    Oogway! 🐢

    Oogway soaking up the ☀️ today 💚 He’s adjusting great! No more issues & he desperately loves my son & will just sit & watch him 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m definitely not his favorite person though 😂💚
  3. A

    To hibernate or not hibernate. That is the question.

    I have read a ton of posts here on hibernation and I still can't decide what to do about Usain Bolt's winter time. Important info. I just got him from a rescue but they've had him for 4 months and said he's been healthy. Bolt is around 20yrs old, so they tell me. Bolt has an outdoor enclosure...
  4. S


    2 available in Florida. Keeping it simple: they both live outside. 2.5 year old unsexed. Medium size male unknown age and history. I'm looking for that "right" person to come along. Placement is more important than price here.
  5. P

    Cold and wet outside

    Hi guys internet info is conflicting so I'd like to know from those who actually own torts ... I have a 4 yr old Hermanns with an indoor and outdoor enclosure. We put him outside when the weather is fine so he can stomp around. His outdoor run is much bigger than his indoor one and its good...