1. Paschendale52

    New Bog Filter Finished

    Hi all, I recently finished upgrading the bog filter for my ~5000 gallon pond. The new filter is 12' x 4' on the interior and about ~2.5' deep. The bottom 1.5' or so is 2 - 4" river rock and above that is another 1' or so of 3/8" and 7/8" pea gravel. The plants are starting to take off...
  2. Wayfarin

    Turtles and frogs. Dangers and diseases?

    Hello, folks! As I've mentioned on other posts, we have a female red-eared slider (or "pond" slider) named Teresa. We've had her for over a decade. As is often the case with red-eared sliders, she has grown too big and too challenging to keep inside in an average-sized aquarium tank. I've been...
  3. Paschendale52

    Giant mexican musk turtle upside down at bottom of pond

    We've had a cold snap this week here in Albuquerque like I think a lot of the US. Temperatures have dropped down into the 30s at night and all the turtles have gone mostly inactive. I havn't seen many of the turtles in the last week, but this evening I poked my head outside and saw one of the...
  4. Paschendale52

    Turtles hanging out in pond

    Hi all, I was feeding the turtles today and it seemed like everyone came out to be seen. The map turtles stayed pretty far back, but even they came out. It was a great opportunity to get a bunch of photos.
  5. Paschendale52

    Giant Mexican Musk Turtles into Pond

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts about me moving my giant mexican musk turtles out into my 8000 gallon pond from the 180 gallon indoor aquarium. They're about 10 months - 1 year old at this point and larger than any of the other turtles in the pond (1 southern painted, 1 razor back...
  6. Paschendale52

    The end of winter strikes hard

    Here in Albuquerque we got warm again a couple of weeks ago for about a week. Then it went back into the 40s, but now we're coming back up. Today I went outside and saw that one of the map turtles, who I saw swimming around a month ago after the worst of the winter, was at the bottom and...
  7. Wayfarin

    Do outdoor red-eared slider enclosures need a land area, or just a basking area? Do they ever use land areas?

    Hello, folks! Anyone who has read my former posts would probably be aware of my ultimate intention to eventually upgrade our red-eared slider, Teresa, to an outdoor enclosure pond. Since the enclosure would likely be located near the house, it would most likely be an above-ground pond that...
  8. Wayfarin

    Red-eared sliders and American bullfrogs living together? (LONG THREAD)

    Hello, folks! Some of you may already be acquainted with our turtle, as I've already introduced her on another thread. We currently own a female red-eared slider named Teresa or "Terry" who's a little over 12 years old. We've had her for that long, and we suspect she could live many more years...
  9. Paschendale52

    Bruminating Painted turtle health scare

    @Markw84 @Yvonne G Hello, I just went out to check on the turtles bruminating in the pond and I noticed that Fatty (southern painted map turtle) was upside down. Three map turtles were in evidence at the bottom, the others I'm sure are hiding out somewhere. The map turtles all look fine. Fatty...
  10. T

    New Turtle Pond & Stream w Questions

    Hi Everyone, I want to share my completed turtle pond and stream with everyone and I am looking for comments or concerns. I want to soon house and breed Spotted Turtle and maybe African Dwarf Mud Turtles. The pond is about 1500 gallons and ranges from 4000-8000 gph. There is a shelf around...
  11. SanctuaryHills

    Tortoise Pond Woes: Results After One Week of Observation

    Alright, let's get right to it! I have a few questions, but first some background info: My Aldabras have been staying in an outdoor enclosure during the entire Florida summer. Temps during this time never dip under mid 70s at night and they do have plenty of places to hide from the sun during...
  12. Paschendale52

    Pond Build

    Hi all! I'm finally working on a pond at our new house here in Albuquerque, NM. The excavation is done and I'm currently working on getting concrete footings poured for the walls. The pond will be basically a 20' x 10' square with dog ears in opposite corners. The walls will be ~2.5' tall and...
  13. K

    Turtles in pond Uk

    Hi just wondering if there is anyone who keeps turtles in a pond in the UK. I have 1 6 inch map turtle and two 3 inch musk turtles. I curently keep them indoors in a 240 litre aquarium and it is probably adequite for the musk turtles but not the map turtle. I was wondering if anyone has any...
  14. KevinGG

    New Endangered Babies (Mauremy M. Mutica)

    Sorry for the click bait title :( Introducing the Yellow Pond Turtle, Mauremys Mutica Mutica. These arrived just this morning from Florida. Interesting to see the difference in color between the two. This species is Endangered in the wild, but not much interest has been paid to them...