1. H

    Redfoot tortoise poo weird looking ?

    Hi guys! I have a redfoot tortoise who was bred some point in 2020 and we’ve had him for a few months now - he usually poops normally but today his poop looked like this - the only reasoning I can give is that he usually lifts his bum to poo but decided to do it lying down this time ? any...
  2. DB53E802-C43B-4E49-B002-F5811BE941DD.jpeg


    Orzo here, this is my life as a pie chart ?? What other things do you do during your busy tortie days? ??
  3. F74D02BD-1246-4253-B9F8-0B50B38CA488.jpeg


    I write a To do list every day on my personalised tortie paper, got to write these things down when you’re busy busy busy like me!! Can you relate? ?? #workhardplayhard #grindneverstops
  4. margosha

    Mushy Poos? (pic for reference...yay...haha)

    So I've had my RT for 3 weeks now, and his poos are still a bit runny and mushy. Before I got him, it looked like he was being fed just hay and pellets ugh. Well, I'm not sure if he's still adjusting to the new diet, or if I should be concerned? He's had a fecal run and it was negative. As far...